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Recommendation letter is written, when you would like to recommend any of your subordinates or colleagues or college juniors for a job. Since, engineering is a competent field, where the candidate will face severe competition. It is important that the recommendation letter sent should be professional and to the point. The letter should be addressed to the appropriate person and mention the correct designation of the person. Writing a generic salutation creates a bad impression.

The body of the letter should provide the details about the professional achievements and professional highlights of the candidate, which makes them an ideal candidate for the job. The ending part of the letter must include thanks and consideration for the employer.

Letter of Recommendation

Peter J. Guajardo,
Project Manager,
Adela Private Ltd.,
3070 Hill Haven Drive,
Waco, TX 76706.
(254)-291 7121,

Date: May 5, 2005.

Mr. Theodore S. Goldberg,
HR Manager,
ADC Company,
2292 Marie Street,
Waco, TX 76706.

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

I am Peter J. Guajardo, project manager with Adela Private Limited. I would like to recommend John White for the post of senior environmental engineer. He has total nine years of work experience and has worked under my supervision for three years.

During his tenure at Adela Private Limited, John's performance at work was excellent and he was awarded the best employee prize for the year 2004. John has extensive research experience in hazardous waste management and has developed various waste water treatment systems. His contribution to the waste water treatment project at Adela Private Limited has been of great help in making the project a success.

John is dedicated worker and boosts the moral of his team members and helps them to give their best. Considering his extensive knowledge in the water purification project, we appointed him as a guide for the new team members. His guidance has helped many to excel at work. We regret that John is no longer an employee of Adela Private Limited, but we wish him the best for this future works.

I assure you that John would be an idea employee for the post of senior environmental engineer. Thank you for taking time from your hectic schedule to go through this letter and considering my recommendation.


Peter J. Guajardo,
Project Manager,
Adela Private Ltd.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Engineering Jobs

Pat S. Smith,
Team Lead,
Grey Engineers,
4850 Armory Road,
Clinton, NC 28328,
(910)-783 4550,

Date: May 7, 2005.

Mr. Richard S. Hall,
HR Head,
PQR Company,
1425 Jail Drive,
Clinton, NC 28328.

Dear Mr. Hall,

I would like to recommend Joseph B. Dotson for the post of hardware engineer in your organization. Joseph has worked under my supervision during his internship at Grey Engineers. He has through knowledge and experience about planning, installing, testing and troubleshooting computers.

Even though Joseph joined as entry level candidates without any work experience, he had practical knowledge about computer installation gained through laboratory assistance during his college years. Joseph is thrilled about learning new technology and software. During his tenure at Grey Engineers, he has gained experience about planning, investigating and testing computer components like memory chips, circuit cards, and keyboards.

Joseph has excellent interpersonal skills and can work in coordination with the electrical engineers and the tech support agents. His extensive knowledge about computer hardware helps him to resolve technical issues.

I am elated to recommend Joseph for job in your company and hope that he would prove to a good employee. Thank you for spending your time to go through this letter.


Pat S. Smith,
Team Lead,
Grey Engineers.

The samples of recommendation letter for engineering jobs provided above can be used as a guideline. You can make changes to these samples and use them as per your requirement. Use professional language to draft the letter, even if you know the recruiter, it essential to write a professional letter. Proofread the letter, as it is essential to keep it error free.

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