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A cover letter is an important professional letter sent to apply for any job opening. When you are applying for any job in the engineering field, you will face tough competition. Hence, spend time to draft a smartly written cover letter. To make sure that you do not miss any important points, jot down essential points you wish to include in the letter.

Sample of Engineering Technician Cover Letter

James G. Raines,
2624 Wyatt Street,
Pompano Beach, FL 33069,
(561)-526 6119.

Date: October 01, 2009.

Mr. Michael A. Lanning,
HR Manager,
ADC Electrical,
4856 Jefferson Street,
Pompano Beach, FL 33069.

Dear Mr. Lanning,

I found out about the job opening for the post of Electrical Engineer Technician in ADC Electrical from the employment section in Florida Times. I have total 6 years of work experience in the electrical engineering field and would like to apply for the post of Electrical Engineer Technician in your company.

During my tenure at Excel Electrical, I was responsible for the design and development of semiconductors. I have through understanding of electronic devices in today's technology era. I have worked with a team of technician and engineers to develop new designs of semiconductors that would help in the improvement of performance of various electrical devices.

I joined Excel Electrical as an entry-level candidate and through on the job training, I learned about the actual implement of the theoretical knowledge I had gained during my engineering. Considering my performance, I was made a part of the training team that trained new employees. Last year, considering my overall contribution to the company, I was awarded by employee of the year awards.

Please go through the enclosed resume as it will prove you additional details about my professional experience. Thank you for going through this letter and considering me for the post of Electrical Engineer Technician in your company. I am eagerly awaiting your reply.


James G. Raines

Best Employee Certificate

Engineering Technician Cover Letter Sample

James T. Johnson,
1921 Winifred Way,
Anderson, IN 46016,
Phone: 765-648-2989,

Date: October 25, 2011.

Mr. Donald C. Chambers,
Recruitment Head,
Glen Company Ltd.,
3022 Kembery Drive,
Anderson, IN 46016.

Dear Mr. Chambers,

I would like to apply for the post of Broadcast and Sound Engineer Technician in your organization. I came to know about this job opening through job post on job portal. I have completed my bachelors in broadcast and electronics from Wilson College of Engineering and have completed my internship from Imperial Engineering Firm.

During my internship, I learned about the practical application of technical knowledge of broadcasting and electronics. Through the on the job training at Imperial Engineering Firm, I learned about the operation of equipment that manage color and sound during broadcasting. I also learned about various methods to record sound effects. I am proficient in using technical equipment that are used in sound recording.

The internship program helped to learn about behavior at professional work environment and professional etiquettes. I have excellent academic record and I have participated in several inter-college technical competitions.

Thank you for taking time from you busy schedule to consider my request and go through this letter. I would like to request you for an interview opportunity, so that I can explain my suitability for the job. Please read the attached resume as it will provide additional details about my academic achievements and internship.



James T. Johnson,
Wilson College of Engineering


The samples of cover letter for engineering technician provided above can be used as guideline, when you are drafting your cover letter. Keep sometime aside to proofread the letter and make it error free.

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