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Chemical engineering is a conglomeration of chemical science and engineering intricacies. It involves two or more different subject or areas of knowledge such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Since the job requires a greater degree of responsibility and care, the job performed by chemical engineers depends on their experience and the industry they are working.

Chemical engineering is considered as one of the commercial disciplines in the engineering segment. The knowledge and experience one have in this field can help the society with innovative products and its application in day-to-day life.

When you are trying for a job, your cover letter should be saleable and inspire the reader to call you for an interaction. The employers should know that you have knowledge of chemistry, and the chemical process involved in testing and manufacturing a product.

If you are a fresher in the field, show the employers that you have chemistry knowledge. Tell them you are eager to apply your chemical knowledge you have obtained in the lab during your internship. Mention that you are aware about the safety procedures while researching and testing chemical reactions of products. Show your understanding about the chemical process involved in manufacturing new products. Express your effort, energy and enthusiasm for the job. This will help you to get an entry-level position.

For an experienced candidate, the cover letter should include work experience, similar types of duties performed, and abilities needed in the job. As the job involves lots of research and testing, you must include your ability to make changes or to deal with the situation as per the need of the project. Demonstrate your skills in providing technical support and leading a team of engineers for a project. Ask the employers an appointment to discuss your skills and experiences at the end of the letter, or let them know when and how you will contact them to follow up your application.

Chemical Engineer Cover Letter

Larry R. Ceaser,
4920 Sundown Lane,
Austin, TX 78729,
(512)-000 7935.

Date: October 18, 2011.

Mr. Lee Lester,
Hiring Manager,
ABC Chemical Company, Inc.,
450 Chemical Street,
Austin, TX 78730.

Dear Mr. Lester,

This is to comply with the request made in the job advertisement for the position of a Chemical Engineer in the Employment News. My resume is attached herewith that will confirm the various roles I have played in my engineering career for the last six years. This is the reason why I am confident in applying for the advertised position.

My first employer was ABC Chemical Firm where I learned the leadership skills and ability to adapt myself in a different situation. I have contributed my knowledge in various equipment design and manufacture of chemical product for the paint industry. I have even solved major technical issues, and trained a team of six engineers. Presently, I am with J and J Pharmaceuticals. Here, I have developed cost-effective and environment-friendly process for the company in manufacturing medicinal products. I can follow the suit for your organization as well.

My work has been appreciated by my employer and our clients. The results I have produced in my work have earned many satisfied clients and projects for my employer. My ability to complete a project within the parameters of time and budget is something that is often discussed among clients.

I hold a degree in chemical engineering from a reputed university in the state. I have good communication skills, and I can lead any type of projects for your company. Please let me have an opportunity to meet you and talk about the positive features I would be brining in your company with my appointment. I will follow up this application with you in a week's time.

Meanwhile, if you are interested to know more about me, call me anytime you feel suitable for. Thank you for the job posting.

Yours sincerely,

Larry R. Ceaser


Cover letter is very essential when trying a job in your respective field. Since it is impossible for the employers to scan thousands of resume they receive against each job advertisement, cover letter can excite them to read your resume. Refer this sample of a chemical engineer cover letter when you are applying for a job. If the skills and experiences are matching, you can use it by copy pasting.


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