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Sample A Cover Letter to Personal Referral

Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs

Cover letter is an official document, which is drafted on multiple occasions and is gaining popularity; even in modern times, when letters are fast becoming obsolete with the invention of technologies like mobile and other communication medium. Cover letters are written for such purposes as: recognition of the job offer, the acceptance of the offer of employment, wage bargaining, the suggestion of reference, resignation, thanking the employer, etc.

A letter of reference gives the suggestion that it is written to a friend in the same field, elderly, or alumni. This letter is written to the person asking for help in finding suitable employment for you. This letter is written, because the reader is often well versed with the knowledge of vacancies and jobs suited to their profile and the field.

Here are two samples of reference letter. You can use these examples to create your own cover letter of reference. You can make the necessary changes and the change in the facts of the letter according to your requirement.

Sample Reference Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs

Robert L. Frasier,
458 Charles Street,
Southfield, MI 48034,
(734)-446 7626.

Date: July 3, 2010.

Mr. Vernon M. Melancon ,
Civic Motors Ltd.,
117, Candle Street,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Melancon,

I am a friend of Stuart Bell, and he encouraged me to forward my resume to you. I know Stuart through the Yellow Group, where I am working as design engineer. We worked together on several projects. I am interested in relocating to the New York area in the near future. Please find my updated resume enclosed with this letter that would give a brief outline of what I have been doing. Previously, I was working with Lycra Automobile Ltd., where my job responsibility was of engine structure design. I was doing designing for light and heavy motor vehicle engines.

During my last job, I learnt that if I have to succeed in this field, I need to start from a medium-sized company. My job aim is to be a design engineer either in automobile design or engine structure. Relocation is not a problem with me. I am open to any situation that is challenging and that which helps me make good use of my skills.

Please feel free to keep me updated with any suggestion that can help me improve.

I will be waiting for a positive response from you.


Robert L. Frasier.

Reference Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Jobs

Raymundo O. Anders,
450 Caldwell Road,
Rochester, NY 14611.
Phone: 585-235-6838

Date: 16 June 2010.

Mr. Donald C. Cohen,
Silicon Motors ltd.,
17 Coventry Court,
Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

Dear Mr. Cohen,

While going through a job portal, I saw the advertisement that there is a job opening in your company and from there I got your email address. I have completed my engineering in automobile stream. I am enclosing my resume with this letter so that I can tell you about my qualifications and achievements.

After completing my engineering, I am planning to move forward and make a carrier for myself. I am always fascinated with automobiles and their design. I have been into designing since my early college days and have designed some models for the annual college fest as well. Initially, my designs were amateurish, but after my internship, they got better. I am open to face any situation that is challenging and that makes me utilize my skills and abilities to bring in the best results.

I will be looking forward for a response from you soon.

Best regards

Raymundo O. Anders


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