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There is no better place than the internet to market a product or a service. By uploading a website on the internet, companies can reach millions of customers at one place without any expenses, except the cost for website creation and charges of the ISP (Internet Service Providers). This is where the expertise of web designers is needed.

Web designing is a creative and interesting field. Web designers are the creative force behind the visual appearances of a website. They use graphics such as photos, images, sketches and even videos in their designs to promote a product or give some information about the company through the website. To become a web designer, you should have a graphic-design background.

Since lots of tools are used in creating the website design, one tool that can help you in meeting with the employers is the cover letter. The employers welcome candidates with creative abilities and knowledge of the web industry. You can communicate your expertise in website design, technical skill, and internet know-how with the help of a web designer cover letter.

As a web designer, your job will be to interact with clients to understand their purpose behind developing a website. Meeting with clients will help you to understand whether they want to promote their product, services or attract investors in their projects. Your job will be easier once you know the theme of the website. However, meeting and communicating with clients need good communication skills. You should be able to understand their requirements and answer any queries raised by them. Show the employers that you have the kind of experience to deal with customers in person, and you can communicate and present your ideas to clients effectively.

The next step you would take in designing a website will be to build a storyboard. A storyboard is the visual presentation where web designers arrange graphics to visualize how the website would look once complete. This is the process you cannot ignore in spite of being a time-consuming and a complex process. If you can add your skills in creating the storyboard for the website, it will show the readers that you have an eye for details, and can follow the design procedures as well.

Any website has to be continually updated with new changes. Depending on your experience and the company’s need, the hiring managers will appoint you either to make changes in the existing website, or to design a new website. Both these job needs designing as well as coding skills. If you are good in design, you can bring some changes in the existing website to enhance its look. To add some video or animation on the website you need to use coding skills. As a complete web designer, you must include both designing and coding skills in your web designer cover letter. Showcasing your all-round ability will definitely help in proving yourself as a strong contender for the job.

After designing and technical skills, mention your experience. This is the section the hiring managers will read keenly and try to find whether it is matching with the job. Improve your chances by highlighting those experiences the readers are interested in. If the job advertisement needs someone who can work as per the international standard, then include your experience in using the latest web technology that is universally accepted such as web 2.0 technologies and knowledge of W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium). Provide links to the websites you have worked in. This will be the actual testimony of your experience.

Refer to your training that is essential to perform the job. If you have a diploma or certifications in graphic/website designing, mention it. Any workshop attended in improving your designing skills is also accepted.

To conclude this excerpt, we would advise you to show your designing and coding skills in your web designer cover letter. The readers of the cover letter must you’re your ability to communicate with clients and work as per their specifications.

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