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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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Cover letter one of the most important term related to job search. But how many job seekers know the importance and purpose of cover letter. The answer is very few percentage of the job seekers knows the exact meaning/definition of cover letter. Let me explain you first what exactly cover letter is. The cover letter is one of the most important aspects for getting a job in any of the organization. It serves as a career booster for many job seekers. Basically a cover letter is divides into three parts; first is the introduction section that deals with the purpose of drafting the cover letter, second is the information section that includes the educational qualification, professional details, achievements, hobbies, past and present experience, extra-curricular activities and the contact details along with the email address and telephone number and third and the last is the thanking part that includes giving thank to the recruiter/ reader for their consideration and precious time in going through the cover letter.

There are some of the important points that need to be considered before drafting the cover letter, which are as follows:

  1. The cover letter should be short and precise.

  2. The information entered in the cover letter should be correct and to the best of your knowledge, i.e. avoid giving wrong or fake information.

  3. Avoid the use of flowery and complex language, i.e. use simple and easy language for writing a cover letter.

  4. Before sending the cover letter, check for the vocabulary, grammar, sentence construction and other essential parts of the cover letter.

  5. The cover letter should be prepared in such a way that it should give a professional outlook and it should attract the eyes of the recruiter at its first glance

Now lets us see an example of thank you cover letter to the referrer from a job seeker. Basically the main aim of writing the thanking cover letter is to show your gratitude towards the referrer for their valuable advice or suggestions that helps to schedule your interview with the recruiter and also helps to modify your cover letter in a positive manner.

Sample Thank You Cover Letter to Referrer

Jose M. Woods,
4295 North Bend River Road,
Harold, KY 41635,
(606) 793-6242.

Date: October 5, 2011.

Mr. Francisco G. Sherman,
ABC Associates,
1756 Ford Street,
San Jose, CA 95131.

Dear Mr. Francisco,

Firstly I take this opportunity to thank you for your consideration and valuable advice in my matter. The changes that you suggested proved to be very vital, as I received interview calls from 4 multinational companies. According to the last discussion, I had highlighted my skill set, job description and other credentials.

With your reference, I got a job in ABC Limited for the post of senior designer. The recruiter was very impressed with my resume. This was made only possible due to your help and guidance. My joining date is on October 10, 2011. Before that I want to meet you once again so that I could thank you personally and would take some important advice of this industry.

Finally I would like to thank you once again for your support and guidance and hope to receive it in the future too. When you will be free, please give me a call. I will be eagerly waiting to meet you again.

Warm Regards,

Jose M. Woods.

This is one of the best cover letter thanking the referrer. After reading this thank you cover letter for referrer, you will surely have an idea of how to draft a cover letter and what are the essential elements of the cover letter. Make use of it for drafting a professional and attractive cover letter. Good Luck!


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