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During the recruitment process, it is essential that you send well written professional letter for any communication with the future employer. A recommendation letter is written by a colleague, senior, alumni or professor of a candidate to recommend them for any job. When drafting any such letter, you need to make sure that you use professional letter writing format and professional language. The recommendation letter should be divided into three different sections.

The introduction paragraph of the letter should place emphasis on the reason why you are recommending the candidate for job in the particular company. Let the concern person know how you are familiar with the candidate, whether he was your college junior or co-worker or student. The body of the letter must place emphasis on the professional expertise of the candidate that makes them the appropriate candidate for the job.

Letter of Recommendation for Designing Jobs

Dana B. Woodbury,
Department Head,
Imperial Fashion School,
860 Carter Street,
Carbondale, IL 62901,
(618)-790 5026,

Date: May 14, 2005.

Mr. John K. Gray,
HR Manager,
Starlight Fashion,
1300 Allison Lane,
Carbondale, IL 62901.

Dear Mr. Gray,

I am writing this letter, to recommend Michael Kenneth for the post of Trainee Fashion Designer in Starlight Fashion. Michael is one of the best students of Imperial Fashion School. He has through understanding of the fashion industry and the new upcoming trends.

The reason, I am recommending him for this job is that he has excellent fashion aptitude and good communication skills to deal with client. His fashion designing style includes blend of contemporary and traditional style. During the prestigious Wilkinson inter-college fashion show, Michael won the best contemporary designer award.

Michael would be the appropriate candidate for the post of trainee fashion designer. Even though he does not have exposure to actual fashion industry, yet on the job training will help him to excel at work. He has professional approach towards his work and can interact with clients for better business deals.

I hope that you consider my suggestion and select Michael Kenneth for the post of trainee fashion designer in your company. I am confident that Michael will prove as an asset to your company. Thank you for the time and consideration.



Dana B. Woodbury,
Department Head,
Imperial Fashion School

Recommendation Letter for Designing Jobs

Kenneth P. Mitchell,
Designing Head,
Excel Design Inc.,
1895 Grove Avenue,
Oklahoma City, OK 73102,
(580)-382 5178,

Date: May 17, 2005.

Mr. Marion L. Ivy,
HR Head,
JKS Jewelers,
3713 Patterson Street,
Fargo, ND 58102.

Dear Mr. Ivy,

I would like to inform you that Eric Stevenson was an employee of Excel Design Inc. from July 15, 2001 to April 21, 2005. He worked as a jewelry designer with us. He is an excellent jewelry designer and some of the jewelry pieces he designed have won awards at the international jewelry designing festival.

Eric joined us as an intern during his college internship program. Considering his dedication towards work, he was appointed as jewelry designer after the completion of internship. Eric is proficient in designing necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc. He is specialized in jewelry designing using precious stones. He would be suitable candidate for job in your company as it deals with gemstone jewelry. We would have liked it, if Eric would have continued his career with us. But, as he is shifting to Fargo, ND along with his family, we would like to wish him best for his future endeavors.

Thank you for taking time from your hectic schedule to go through this letter. I am confident that Eric will prove to be a great employee, if he gets selected for the job. I have enclosed his excellence certificate he received for his performance in the international jewelry fiesta.



Kenneth P. Mitchell,
Designing Head,
Excel Design Inc.

We have provided some samples of recommendation letter for designing jobs for your reference. It is important that you send an error free letter. Hence, keep sometime aside to proofread the letter.

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