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A negative recommendation letter is written to let the future employer of the candidate, know the negative aspects of the candidate. If you want to warn any employer about your ex-employee, you need to draft a negative recommendation letter. Let the recruiter know about the negative aspects of the person, such as the employee was unable to achieve targets or has done financial fraud or was indiscipline and irregular at work. You need to provide the reason why you are not recommending the candidate for the job. Make sure the information you provide to the employer has to be true and you need to have a written proof about it.

Letter of Recommendation-Negative

Steven M. Groner,
HR Head,
William Interior Inc.,
361 Wood Duck Drive,
Champion, MI 49814.

Date: May 16, 2005.

Mr. Michael B. Goncalves,
HR Manager,
Global Interior Services,
3345 Harvest Lane,
Champion, MI 49814.

Dear Mr. Goncalves,

Mr. Peter Brown was an employee of William Interior Inc. from September 10, 2003 to February 19, 2004. He worked with us as a junior interior designer. During his tenure at William Interior Inc. he was unable to complete his projects within stipulated time and cost.

Peter joined us as an entry-level candidate and was provided complete training about practical interior designing work such as cost estimation, project theme select, noting down clients needs, designing the project and coordinating with co-workers. Even though the other candidates who joined along with him were able to perform well, Peter's performance at work was below average.

The projects that he could complete were rejected by the client as they were not designed as per their needs. Even after several warnings and retraining, there was no improvement in Peter's performance at work. Hence, we had to take the critical decision of asking him to leave the job.

I would suggest that you do not choose Peter Brown for any job in the interior designing industry. I hope you consider my suggestion. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Steven M. Groner,
HR Head,
William Interior Inc.

Sample Cover Letter of Recommendation-Negative

Isaac A. Foltz,
Team Leader,
TRC Interior Inc.,
817 Findley Avenue,
Oberon, ND 58357,

Date: March 11, 2011.

Everett M. Moore,
HR Manager,
Creative Design Company,
2747 Goldcliff Circle,
Oberon, ND 58357.

Dear Mr. Moore,

I am writing this letter to inform you that Emanuel Brown was an employee of TRC Interior Inc. from August 4, 2011 to January 26, 2011. During his tenure with our organization, it was found that he stole his colleague's interior designing ideas and used them for his personal clients. We found out that he had his own interior designing business, which was against our company's policies.

He worked as senior interior designer with us. Considering his work experience, we had assigned him some major interior designing projects, but found that the projects took more time than regular to complete. During the audit, it was found that Emanuel rejected his co-workers designs and asked them to redesign everything. We later found out that he kept a copy of the rejected designs with him and used them for his personal interior designing projects. He has even misused our client data. Due to his unethical behavior, we have fired Emanuel Brown from job and filed a legal case against him.

I hope that you do not recruit Emanuel Brown for any job profile in your company. I have enclosed a copy of his memo's and resignation letter for your reference. Thank you for taking out time to go through this letter.



Isaac A. Foltz,
Team Leader,
TRC Interior Inc.

1. Memo
2. Resignation Letter

The samples of negative recommendation letter for designing jobs are provided above and can be used as guideline, when you are writing your letter. This is a professional letter. Hence, use professional font like times new roman, arial or calibri. The font size should be readable and the language used should be professional. The samples provided above can be edited, modified and used as per your desire. Proofread the document and make it error free before sending it to the concerned person.

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