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Cover Letter for Designing Jobs

The popularity and importance of cover letters is increasing day by day. Cover letters are official letters that are written in order to convey any messages or put forward any proposals. Cover letters are branched out into many categories. You can find them for almost all requirements, from acknowledging of a job offer to resignation.

A follow-up cover letter is also a category of cover letters. It is written in order to keep up with the recruitment procedure. You write to your employer or recruiter to thank him/her for contacting you. The recruiter or the employer generally calls you up to give you details regarding the profile of the job, various opportunities in the company or to give you contact details of people whom you can contact to get more information regarding the nature or the job profile. He/she can also call you to inform you that your resume is shortlisted and that you are expected to attend an interview soon. You have to draft your cover letter according to the nature and the purpose of the call that you received.

If you are new to this idea but need to draft a follow-up cover letter, then you can take the help of the samples given below. The samples written are different from each other based on the purpose of the call.

Sample for Designing Jobs Follow Up of Telephone Call

Brian C. Rodriguez,
1456 Green Street,
Nashville, TN 37209,
(615)-542 1685.

Date: May 23, 2009.

Mr. Joseph X. Allison,
PQR Designers,
3724 Brownton Road,
Greenville, MS 38701.

Dear Mr. Allison,

I really felt very glad talking to you yesterday. It was indeed a much-awaited call for me. I had been expecting your call since few days. I had applied for the post of Designer Manager in PQR Designers last week.

When I had posted my resume on your site, I was not very sure about the various responsibilities that I would be expected to shoulder. Therefore, I had been expecting your call for a confirmation. Now that I have talked to you, I can be well assured that I can prove myself as a worthy candidate.

I would like to thank you for your valuable time that you spared in explaining to me the various aspects of the job. I really appreciate your kindness and patience. Such virtue is indeed hard to find in busy people like you.

I would also like to thank you for short-listing me for the interview that is scheduled for tomorrow. I give surety to be there at the allotted time.

Once again, thank you so much for your help. I look forward to meet you soon.


Brian C. Rodriguez.

1. Resume – myresume.doc

Sample Cover Letter for Follow Up of Telephone Call Designing Jobs

Jeffrey D. Gorton,
4153 Center Avenue,
Fresno, CA 93721,
(559)-494 5359,

Date: June 5, 2009.

Ms. Tiffany J. Graham,
LMN Designers,
780 Hart Ridge Road,
Saginaw, MI 48607.

Dear MS. Tiffany,

I write this letter to thank you for calling me yesterday. It was indeed a very good experience for me. I saw the advertisement posted by you on your site, seeking candidates for various designing posts in your organization. I am also hunting for a job in the designing field since the last few weeks. So when I came across your advertisement, I was quite curious to know about the opportunities that would come my way, if I apply in your company.

I would like to thank you for the information that you gave me regarding the various posts and vacancies in your company. It was indeed very helpful for me in gaging and comparing my compatibility in accordance with the profile of my job. I also thank you for the references that you gave me of some people whom I can contact for the need of any further details regarding this profile or any other opportunities. I really appreciate your concern.

After working out all the details and analyzing various aspects of the profile, and keeping in mind my skills and qualifications, I have updated my resume. I am attaching a copy of it along with this letter for you to go through. I hope that you will take out time from your busy schedule and consider my application.

I look forward to hear from you soon for a positive response.


Jeffrey D. Gorton.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Certificate of appreciation, Regional Architecture. – appletter.doc


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