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Sample Consulting Cover Letter Undergraduate

Consulting cover letters are either written to obtain an expert opinion, before considering a profession for yourself, by students or if you are looking to take up a consultant job. In this section you will find a sample cover letter written to acquire a consultant job by an undergraduate who is willing to take up the job upon completion of his degree.

Being a consultant is not a simple task. It requires a lot of skill including, communication, coordination, and willingness to accept challenges. The cover letter should reflect these skills and qualities to create a position impact on the agency or firm you are writing for.

Your areas of interest, attitude towards work, sincerity, past experiences, achievements or examples of how you attained an impossible target, if added to the letter, would make you stand out of the crowd. Most employers look for candidates who are ready to put extra time and efforts in this job. This point could be explicitly mentioned for your employer to notice.

Undergraduates can also talk about their future business plans and how they would wish to grow in the organization. A few other details would include why they consider the firm a good platform for their growth and what they can bring to the organization. The letter should be professional as well as courteous which helps to create a better picture of the job seeker.

Consulting Cover Letter (undergraduate)

Thomas T. Oliveras,
2304 Little Acres Lane,
Bloomington, IL 61704,
(217)- 978 4283.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Byron N. Haddix,
Turfun Private Ltd.,
3481 Brown Avenue,
Jackson, IL 61709.

Dear Mr.Haddix,

I am a senior at California University majoring in English, and I am extremely interested in a position with Turfun Private Ltd. upon graduation.

Consulting is definitely the career I want to pursue. Work on my dissertation to this point has involved extensive research, hypothesis formulation, hours of analysis, and team collaboration with my mentor; this process is not unlike the consulting project cycle. In addition, my elective coursework in microeconomics has increased my interest and honed my skills in the business arena. A series of conversations with consultants at various firms – especially Turfun Private Ltd. – has confirmed that consulting is the right career for me.

Turfun Private Ltd. appeals to me for a number of reasons. I am extremely interested in the life sciences and telecom industries, and Turfun Private Ltd. is particularly strong in those industries. I am also drawn to the small size of the firm, as I feel it would create more immediate opportunities for leadership and a strong community environment. Finally, I have been incredibly impressed with all of the consultants I've spoken with from your firm; each person is bright, humble, passionate and yet good-natured. I would be thrilled to join your firm.

I have enclosed my resume for your review. I very much appreciate your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from your team in the near future.



Thomas T. Oliveras.


Cover letters for consultant job especially as an intern needs to be backed with your research work and projects you undertook during your graduation. Consultants need to have accurate and thorough knowledge of the department they are working for. These researches and projects would create a good impact on the employer and also majorly help candidates in every field while performing their job.

Candidates should also mention their interest in the said field and why they would like to take up the job. The letter needs to be enclosed with a resume to give a detailed description of their skills and qualities. Information about their major projects undertaken can be elaborately explained in the resume.


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