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Sample Consulting Cover Letter MBA Internship

Consulting cover letters are usually written to experts and consultants to know about a particular field in detail. In this category the letters are written to acquire a consulting job by MBA students during their internship. The job would give them some experience in the field and would also help them to acquire a better job upon completion of their degree.

A consultant's job demands great communication skills. Apart from this they need to have immense knowledge of the subject. They need to coordinate with a lot of people, maintain records and have to achieve their targets on daily basis. The job itself is very demanding.

Such exposure proves very effective for MBA aspirants. It not only gives them hands-on experience but makes them tough enough to understand minute intricacies of the market.

While writing a cover letter for consulting jobs, candidates need to make the employer aware of their background, i.e., what they are studying and their areas of interest. Past work experiences in the field would also prove very effective to get the said job as an intern. Their skills, qualities roles and responsibilities would further increase their chances for the job.

Communication skill in this field is very essential. Candidates need to highlight this skill and if possible provide proof of their strong communications skills. Candidates should also consider the job of a consultant as a high profile job. The letter should give an assurance to the employer that you are willing to put the much needed efforts to achieve your target.

Consulting Cover Letter (MBA Internship)

Matthew C. Mackie,
1256 Arlington Avenue,
Powell, TN 37849,
(865)-938 7834.

Date: August 16, 2005.

Mr. Charles A. Graves,
Pro Private Ltd.,
605 Fannie Street,
Bedford, TN 37851.

Dear Mr.Graves,

I am a first year MBA student at State Business School. I was extremely impressed with Pro Private Ltd's approach towards management consulting after attending the presentation given by your firm earlier this quarter. I also learned more about your firm by talking with William Field and several other summer interns. My discussions with them confirmed my interest in Pro Private Ltd., and I am now writing to request an invitation to interview for a summer associate consulting position.

After graduating from Northern College with a degree in accounting, I worked as an associate in the Finance department of AutoCo, a well-known automotive manufacturer. I gained solid analytical and problem solving skills there. I was responsible for identifying and resolving financial reporting issues, as well as generating innovative methods to improve our processes. I also fine-tuned my communication and consensus building skills, as I often need to present and market my work to middle and upper management. Finally, during my last year of employment, I took on a team leadership role, managing the daily work of five junior members of our team and taking an active role in our training for new hires.

I am excited with the strong potential fit I see with Pro Private Ltd. I feel that the analytical, leadership and teamwork abilities gained through my employment and academic experience have provided me with the tools and skills necessary to perform well in a consulting career, and will allow me to make a significant contribution at your firm. I am particularly intrigued by the shareholder value focus of Pro Private Ltd's methodology, since it fits well with my experience in finance.

I have enclosed my resume for your review. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you when you recruit at SBS for summer internships later this month, and I would greatly appreciate being included on your invitational list.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



Matthew C. Mackie.

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