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Consulting cover letters are written to professionals or experts who are in a position to guide students or amateurs to take up a profession. They also talk about the advantages and shortcomings of a job for candidates to take a decision regarding their career.

Consulting cover letters for advertising jobs are written by those who aspire to make a career in media, publishing or advertisements. It could also relate to advertising for politicians in their campaign. In short advertisement is all about broadcasting and making the general public aware of the happenings.

Candidates in most cases are unsure of what goes behind the scenes and what are the responsibilities undertaken for this job. Consultants or an expert opinion in this case proves very helpful for all the aspirants.

Consulting Cover Letter

Francisco S. Moses,
3872 Glendale Avenue,
Woodland Hills, CA 91303,
(818)-704 0932.

Date: May 16, 2005.

Mr. Louis D. Smith,
ABC Advertising,
943 Robinson Court,
Sacramento CA 91303.

Dear Mr.Smith,

Bob Roberts, senior vice president of media at ABC Advertising, suggested that I write to you. I met with him recently to talk about media as a possible career option and he was very helpful. He suggested that you might be able to provide some insight into the opportunities in account services.

I am a senior at New York University majoring in English literature. My interest in an advertising career is a result of work I did as a volunteer on Senator Hillary Clinton's election campaign and my subsequent internship at Jack Morris Advertising.

I would like a few minutes of your time to explore the role of account services, what a typical day is like, the kinds of problems you encounter and the most rewarding part of your job.

I know your time is valuable. I will call next week to arrange a brief meeting.



Francisco S. Moses.


Sample Consulting Cover Letter

Joseph L. Nelson,
1266 Pooh Bear Lane,
Greenville, SC 29601,
(864)-631 3080.

Date: August 24, 2011.

Mr. Cory K. Giese,
Dome Consultancy,
1874 Stratford Park,
St Meinrad, IN 47577.

Dear Mr. Giese,

I am a Mass Communication student at the University of Greenville majoring in Education. I have been working as a free-lance writer since last year and would like to know more about this profession and its scope.

I understand that is not feasible for me to come and meet you, but would highly appreciate if you write to me or call me at a suitable time as per your convenience.

I am very inclined towards media and advertisement and would like to know more about the profile of a media specialist. I would highly appreciate if you help me talk to someone in your firm who is been working for this profile and could give me a brief description of the major responsibilities and shortcoming of the job.

While working as a freelancer I was asked to write for a news site. I had written articles for all the current events and happenings. This had majorly contributed my inclination towards media. I have done some research on the kind of job and responsibilities undertaken by a media specialist and found it to be quite challenging and rewarding.

I would further like to get a review from a professional who has been in the field for some time and would like to know about its scope in the future.

Your help in this matter would be much appreciated for me to choose a career. I am sending you a few samples of my articles and would like to know your opinion on the same. I am also open to editing and educational writing if I do not fit into the category of being a media specialist.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Joseph L. Nelson.

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