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Sample Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

Cover Letter for Civil Construction Jobs

Thank you letter after interview is drafted to thank the employer for considering the candidate for the interview. The letter should highlight the candidate's skills and experience suitable for the job. This makes it easy for the employer to shortlist the candidate and also to take a better decision. Candidate excitement to join the firm should be conveyed in the letter. The letter should be precise and yet professional.

Given below are sample thank you cover letters after interview for civil construction jobs. These can be used as a reference for the candidate before drafting a letter in this category.

Thank You Letter after Interview

Sam D. Hicks,
4682 Vernon Street,
San Marcos, CA 92069,
(760)–598 1995.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Wilmer J. Kenney,
National Builders,
4052 Cody Ridge Road,
Oklahoma City, OK 73102.

Dear Mr. Kenney,

I thank you for the opportunity I received to interview me for the position of an Assistant Project Manager. It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff and I also enjoyed knowing a few things about your organization.

With the kind of reputation National Builders hold in the construction field, I had already made my mind to work for your interview. The interview only helped me strengthen my decision to work for your firm with the team of expertise and leaders that National builders possess.

The interview also helped me know how compatible my skills and interests are with the likes of your firm. As discussed during the interview, my previous experience has given me a lot of exposure in this field and had prepared me for all the demands of the job including, land planning, site engineering, storm water and utility design, construction administration and inspection along with cost–effective formwork and shoring solutions.

Enclosed herewith is a copy of my experience certificate from my previous employer. You may also call my present employer Mr. Frank Davis if you require any clarification.

I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


Sam D. Hicks

1. Copy of experience certificates – expletter.doc

Thank You Letter after Interview

Edwin D. Walters,
388 Adams Drive,
Houston, TX 77099,
(979)–525 8425.

October 11, 2011.

Mr. Daniel S. Garcia,
Buildings & Bridges,
2682 Douglas Dairy Road,
Rural Retreat, VA 24368.

Dear Mr. Garcia,

I take this opportunity to thank you for the interview for the position of an Electronic Engineer. With a work experience of 5 years in this field back with an excellent track record I think I am the most suitable candidate for this position.

As discussed during the interview I am quite well versed with the demand of the job. I have been awarded the star performed twice in a row for the kind of projects handled and the amount of work done. Knowing your companies' objectives and goals has increased my zest to join the firm. I completely enjoyed meeting the staff and the way the interview was planned and organized.

I would like to also remind you that I would be joining the firm only in January 2012 as I need to complete a few commitments from my previous job. Your consideration in this matter would be appreciated.

Attached herewith is a copy of my experience certificates from my previous employer. You may also contact my present reporting manager Mr. David Frank, if you require any clarifications on (979)–525 3654. You are most welcome to call me on the above telephone number for any further clarifications.

I thank you for your time and consideration for this job and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Edwin D. Walters.

1. Copy of experience certificate.


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