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Sample Salary Negotiation Before Joining

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If you are offered a job in a company you want to work in, but are not satisfied with the salary, then you should try to find a solution by writing a salary negotiation letter. Negotiating salary with the employer is a tricky thing. If you fail to place your expectation in the right way, the chances are you may lose the job. Therefore, having knowledge about composing the salary negotiation letter can work in your favor.

First, convey your excitement about beginning to work with the company. Let the employer know that you are happy with the job offer. Talk about your skills and experiences and describe how you will use it for the company. At the same time, mention that you are excited in learning new things from the company. Describe few things you have planned to implement from your joining date.

The salary negotiating part should come in the next paragraph. This is the section where you should describe how to oppose the offered salary. Show the employer that you have done some research and what is your expected amount as per the market rate. Do not expect that the employer would agree with whatever amount you have quoted. The company will try to bring it down with all their tricks and methods. To ensure you get your expected rate, quote it at a higher side. After negotiating it with the employer, it will reach in and around your expected amount.

After stating the expected salary, justify it by talking about your experiences and achievements. Mention some of your achievements from previous work, and state what you have planned for the company. Convince the employer that the amount paid will be compensated with your hard work and dedication.

Here is a sample cover letter written for negotiating a foreman's salary with the construction company.

Salary Negotiation before Joining

Jose J. Dunlap,
3116 Saint Mary's Avenue,
Geneva, NY 14456,
(315) XXX-4532.

Date: 1st May, 2005.

Mr. Charles A. Stamant,
General Manager,
A1 Construction Company,
124 Cherry Tree Drive,
Geneva, NY 14450.

Dear Mr. Stamant,

I am very happy to receive the offer letter for the position of a 'Foreman' in A1 Construction Company. I am excited to start my work from October 24, 2011. I have worked in the similar position with Bright Construction Company for six years. My ability to make quick decisions and good judgments along with supervisory experience will help your company to ensure smooth operation at the construction site. I am also looking forward to learning new experiences from your expert team of engineers. Few things I have planned to use from my joining day are to build good rapport with your staff and maintain a proper coordination.

However, one thing I am forced to mention here is the offered salary. I feel the offered annual compensation of $50,000/– is too less as compared to the actual market rating of $65,000/–. I would love to receive this same amount in my compensation package.

I have a deep understanding about calculating the budget for labor cost. I can save your company some money as I can judge the number of labors required for a project. My plan for your company is to give more than 100% in my work and develop a good network of communication with staff, workers, labors, and the management.

I will appreciate if you can once again review the offered salary. Before joining, I need to meet you and explain further in details about my achievements so prove worthy for my expected salary. Once again, I want to assure you that I will perform my job for A1 Construction to the highest satisfactory level.

I am expecting a favorable response from you. Thank you for your attention to my application.


Jose J. Dunlap.

If you feel the salary is not as per your experience or the market rate, do not hesitate to negotiate the salary. Companies do accept salary negotiation, and you are not the first person in the world to negotiate it. So, go ahead and use these tips and sample cover letter for salary negotiation, and make sure you get your expected compensation.


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