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The moment we come across this word ‘piping,’ we immediately think of the piping work done by a plumber. In reality, piping is much more than fixing or repairing any pipe lines. This single word comprises different career options in its entirety and is always preceded by a name one works as.

People skilled in piping work are employed in construction industries and industries dealing with oil, natural gases and other types of petroleum products. The work can be as simple as repairing a pipeline or as complex as designing the pipe. The latter one requires more knowledge and better education because it involves creating a design scheme with the help of software that can be used for a variety of other purposes. Industrial sector uses this piping mechanism in transferring gases, and fluids from one place to another.

One can also make his/her career as a pipe engineer. The work a pipe engineer performs is more technical as they have to design and create the piping systems appropriate for specific use. A degree in mechanical engineering is needed to pursue a career as a piping engineer. They should be aware of the materials used in creating a particular pipe and design it considering materials it is meant to transport.

If you have the required qualifications to excel in piping industry, then your job search starts with drafting good piping cover letters. Whether you are new or experienced in the piping field, this cover letter template will provide you all the mechanism needed in a cover letter.

Piping Cover Letter Template

Cover letters are written to forward your intention in applying for the position and briefing your skills and qualifications in relation with the position. It should help the employer to determine your talent and capability for the position.

  • Writer’s information
    City, State, Zip Code
    Contact Number
    Email Address

  • Receiver’s contact information
    Hiring Manager’s Name
    Company Name
    City, State, Zip Code

  • Date

  • Opening Greeting
    Dear (Last name of the manager),

  • Body of the Letter

    Note: Text inside the brackets are instructions to the job seeker.

    (Hiring managers are busy people. If your cover letter doesn’t explain the purpose of writing the letter in the first paragraph, they may probably not read it, or put it aside for later viewing. Hence, begin your paragraph by getting to the point straightaway.)

    For example:

    This letter is to communicate my interest for the Piping Designer position [in reference to the advertisement that was published in the latest edition of Time Magazine]. I have understood the responsibility you are expecting from the position. I believe that I possess the creative sense and experience to perform well at this position.

    (Summarize your work experience in the next section. This is the part where you can show your skills to the employer. However, it should be specific to the job.)

    • Worked as a piping designer and designed the piping mechanism in 3D software
    • Coordinated with all the piping lead and staff for any piping requirements
    • Prioritized and worked as per instructions from senior piping designer
    • Designed and checked piping mechanism and equipment
    • Proficient in designing the piping system as per the layouts
    • Implemented changes in the piping design on regular basis to enhance workflow

    (The last paragraph should remind the employer about your interest for the position and contribution you will add towards the growth of the company.)

    For example: It was my desire to work with your expert team and associate myself with your organization that made me to forward this letter. I assure you that I will do everything in my stride to contribute towards your company’s growth with my hard work and dedication. I hope you will agree with me and give me a chance to meet you in person.

  • Closing: ‘Yours sincerely’ and sign below it.

    Whether you are applying for the post of a ‘piping designer’ or a ‘piping engineer’, you can use this piping cover letter template in affirming your interest and creditability for the post.

This site will also offer you with piping cover letter samples by clicking the links below. Each sample cover letter is written considering the different responsibility performed in the piping industry. You can customize the sample cover letters to suit your skills and ability.


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