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Sample Distributor Cover Letters

Writing distributor cover letters is not easy considering the role performed by distributor as per their job profiles. They can be a wholesale distributor, construction material distributor, laundry distributor, car distributor, customer sales distributor, etc.

For example, a wholesale distributor performs the role of a mediator between the manufacturers and the wholesalers. They help in selling the goods manufactured by the manufacturers to the wholesalers.

For any transaction to be carried out between the manufacturers and the wholesalers, the wholesale distributor has to prepare and confirm the purchase order. Current prices of the products along with the vendor details are listed by the wholesale distributor in a separate file each categorized as per the product or vendors’ initials. Sorting the products purchased from the manufacturer and distributing it to the wholesalers as per their orders placed is the primary responsibility handled by wholesale distributor. He also has to perform a quality check on the products purchased and convince the wholesalers to maintain inventory stocks.

Construction material distributor has to look after the availability of the construction materials at the site. Materials such as bricks, sand, stones, safety equipments, cement, water, and other necessary equipments for construction work are supplied to the workers by construction material distributor. They have to list down the requirements before placing a purchase order. He has to explain and guide the workers to use the materials to its fullest and see that they implement all the safety measure while performing the work. In short, a construction material distributor has to control and check the workers’ activities at the construction site.

Laundry distributor has to collect the linen and clothes for washing from each room of the hotels. He/she has to perform a quality check on the washed linen and clothes for stains and tears. They have to distribute the linen and clothes to house-keeping personnel in order them to deliver it to respective rooms and clients.

As different roles are performed by each distributor position, the distributor cover letters written will not be the same. The cover letter should be written targeting the need the employer. Skills and experiences summary listed in the letter should be as per the job’s position. Let’s provide you a general distributor cover letter template that could be use for all the distributor job openings with slight modification.

Distributor Cover Letter Template

Writer’s Name and Contact Information
Frank J. Lee
2750 Street, Angel’s Apartment, No. B-6
Camden, New Jersey 08106
(856) XXX-4675

Employer’s Contact Information
Jake R. Ford
HR Manager
ABC Corporation Ltd.
1550 NW Street
Camden, NJ 08110


Opening Greeting
Dear Mr. Ford,

First Paragraph (begin with the reason of writing, mention the position you are interest in. If responding for the job’s advertisement, provide the job listing source)

I am writing to respond to the ‘distributor’ position you have listed in the Daily News. I consider this as a lifetime opportunity to work with an esteemed organization like ABC Corporation Ltd. I believe my career goal and your company’s visions are in parallel with each other, and together we can achieve it with great work and determination.

Second Paragraph (Write a summary about your experiences you achieved from working with your previous employers)

Summary of my work experience:

  • I am a professional with eight years of experience in distribution. I have also performed a managerial role for four years.
  • Selling goods has been a second nature to me right from my college days. I have sold numbers of trinket and other hand-made material by college students in the fund- raising events.
  • I can interact with any types of customers through my excellent communication skills.
  • My ability to gauge a person’s character helped me in establishing and maintaining good relationships with clients
  • I have solved customer’s complaints with ease and much faster than expected by the management.
  • I always work in compliance with the safety rules and regulations laid by the company

(Third paragraph should thank the employer for the job listing and tell how you will follow up employment possibilities)

Thank you for informing about the job opening in your company, and considering my application. I will call you in 10 days time to inquire about your decision.

Yours sincerely,
(Frank J. Lee)

This distributor cover letter template will help you in applying for any distributor position. If you still find it difficult in writing your distributor cover letter, find the links given below and click on the sample cover letter of your interest.


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