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An acceptance letter is written to communicate your acceptance for a job offer, invitation or a request. On the professional stage, it is mostly written to accept the job offer. It is written in a business format. The letter has the potential to boost one's professionalism and attitude for the job. The format and contents of the letter talk a lot about your exposure to professionalism and good conduct. Therefore, the job acceptance letter should be written with care since it has the potential to show what should be expected from you in the future for the job.

Follow these tips when you want to accept the job offer:

  • Provide your contact details at the top of the letter. You can format it like a letterhead and choose to align it either on the center or the left–hand side of the letter. Type the date leaving few white spaces after your personal information.

  • Type the recipient's name, title, name of the company and its address below the date after few blank spaces. Cross-check the recipient's name and the company address with the offer letter. Address the reader in the same manner as on the offer letter as Mr. and type the last name.

  • The letter should be written in a pleasant tone since you are expressing your thankfulness to the employer for the job offer. The best way to make the letter effective is to express your thoughts in a short and clear way. Maintain a professional tone and look of the letter.

  • Though it is boring to repeat the terms from the offer letter, still it is advantageous to add those things to avoid future conflicts. Add the crucial details of the job terms you feel worth mentioning. This will help the employer to know that you have understood the job terms and will follow the mentioned rules in your work. You can also request any changes you want in the employment terms, but do not force the employer to accept it.

  • Say thank you to the employer before closing the letter. This will show the recipient that you value the job and have some respect for the job and the company as well.

Let us see how we can inculcate these tips in writing the job acceptance letter for a civil construction job.

Job Acceptance Letter for Civil Construction Job

Mitchell J. Porter,
2981 Highland Drive,
Green Bay, WI 54303,
(920)-000 4562.

Date: October 24, 2011.

Mr. Bradley C. Morales,
Hiring Manager,
Shine Corporation Ltd.,
2751 High Meadow Lane,
Green Bay, WI 54300.

Dear Mr. Morales,

I am happy to read the job offer letter, and to know about my selection for the field technician position in your organization. I want to thank all the members of the selection committee for considering my candidature suitable for the position. I hereby confirm my acceptance of the job offer through this acceptance letter.

It is such pleasure to read the letter and see most of the similar things included as per our discussion from the interview. I am excited to receive the annual compensation package of $XXX. I am just waiting to complete my formality with ABC Builders, and begin to work under your supervision. As agreed, my joining date will be Monday, November 21, 2011.

I am also thankful to you for accepting my request in providing me the insurance benefits from the joining day. This shows your caring attitude for your employees. I am lucky in finding a place for myself in your organization. I also declare that I will exert myself to a greater extent in deriving perfection in my job.

Your trust, faith and confidence will motivate me to do the best. Again, thanks a lot for this excellent opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Mitchell J. Porter

It is a matter of professional courtesy to say thank you to the employer after a job is offered to you. You can do this by writing a job acceptance letter. In fact, it is much more than saying thank you as it makes the employer believe that the decision in offering you the job is not a futile effort. Moreover, it will help you in building a strong foundation for a long-term association with the employer.

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