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Sample A Cover Letter to Personal Referral

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Cover letter is an important document in the corporate world, which is drafted for multiple purposes like job offer acknowledgement, acceptance of the offer of the employment, salary negotiation, resignation, thanking the employer etc.

A letter of recommendation gives the suggestion that it is written to a friend in the same field, elderly, or alumni. This letter is written to the person asking for help in finding a suitable job for you. This letter is written, because the reader is usually well equipped in the knowledge of vacancies and jobs suitable to their profile and the field.

These are two samples of reference letter. You can use these examples to create your own cover letter of reference. You can make the necessary amendments and change in the facts of the letter according to your requirement.

A Sample Cover Letter to a Personal Referral.

William K. Pharr,
3211 Brooke Street,
Houston, TX 77022,
(713)-697 4367.

Date: July 5, 2011.

Mr. Mark C. Greer,
Skyline Constructions,
2473 Marietta Street,
Oakland, CA 94612.

Dear Greer,

While going across the job section of the local newspaper, I came to know about the opening in your company and from there I got your email address. I have completed my two–year internship at Oakland with National construction institute. This period has been quite beneficial for me, as I learnt quite a few new things in construction field. I have enclosed my updated resume with this letter.

During my internship, I leant that if in order to make it big in this industry then I have to be stable and open to learn new things, as construction is quite a dynamic field and things keep on changing quite fast. My aim is to become a civil construction engineer. Relocation is not a problem with me. I am open to any situation that is a challenge and make good use of my skills.

Please feel free to keep me adapted with your activities and any advancement.

I will be waiting for a positive response from you.

Best Regards

William K. Pharr

Sample Cover Letter to a Personal Referral.

Robert R. Menzies,
814 Cinnamon Lane,
San Antonio, TX 78258.
(210)-867 9789

Date: 3 July 2011.

Mr. Christen W. Ames,
4955 Hardman Road,
White River Junction, VT 05001.

Dear Ames,

My name is Robert R. Menzies. We talked day before yesterday over telephone regarding a job opening in your company. I have completed my education in civil construction. Previously, I was working with Dream Projects Pvt. Ltd, and I was positioned there as site supervisor. My duties included construction of base and upper plinth level and supervising the entire construction till the project is over. I have enclosed my updated resume that will give you a summary of my profile.

As I told you earlier, I am an adventurous person. I want to say that I am looking to move to a new place with and a set of new challenges and responsibilities to assume. My area of specialty is base construction and upper plinth level. I am open to any situation that is challenging and that which helps me make good use of my skills. I will look forward to hear from you soon. Best regards

Robert R. Menzies



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