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Being thankful to someone is one thing and expressing it through a letter is another. When you are thanking someone in person, there is a possibility that you may find yourself in loss of words. Moreover, you would not be able to express the entire things for which you are thanking them. Writing a thank you cover letter would allow you to recollect and include everything you want to thank for.

Instructions on writing thank you cover letter to referrer for call center jobs

  • Create the thank you cover letter as simple as you could. Do not use words that may sound artificial. Express your own feelings rather than copying it from somebody else's letter. Avoid using words and phrases that are common.

  • Be up-front in whatever you are writing about. Depict your honesty in expressing your thanks through the right use of words. A sincere and honest attempt in thanking the recipient is always worthwhile than sending the letter under some obligation.

  • Get to the business as early as possible. Jump to the purpose right from the starting of the cover letter. Follow the same line till the end and avoid being astray from the topics. Few couples of paragraphs are more than enough to compile your expressions.

  • Try to write the thank–you letter within a week of the event or a situation. When thanking to the interviewer, it is recommended to send the letter the next day of the interview. For thanking the referrer, it is acceptable to send it in a week's time.

  • Choose a good–quality paper to hand–write it or for a print out. Avoid color papers and stick to white color. Though it is a thank–you letter, do not get carried away and be informal.

  • Check any typing mistakes for spelling and grammar errors. Spelling and grammatical mistake can change the meaning completely, and it will ruin all your thanking efforts.

  • Make sure you are writing the thank–you letter to a person and not to a company, department or a group.

Thank You Letter to Referrer

Lauri J. Anderson,
1500 Call Center Avenue,
Albany, NY 12204,
(516) abc-1232.

Date: October 3, 2011.

Ms. Barbara Jackson,
Manager Operations,
National Call Center,
1500 South Central Avenue,
Albany, NY 12204.

Dear Ms. Jackson,

I could not wait any longer to thank you for being a guide, mentor and a teacher in helping me out in my call center career. You have been such a kind person that sometimes I wonder how you can manage being the person you are. I am thankful for the call center training you provided to me, and recommending me to the company.

There are so many things I have to mention in this thank-you letter. First, your training helped in improving my accent. It made me a confident person, and has improved my call quality. Second, you taught me how to satisfy a customer effectively in lesser time. This has helped me in increasing my call counts. Third, the knowledge you imparted me in trouble-shooting customer's problem was something I needed at an urgent basis. Prior to this, I was not confident in solving technical problems. And now, everybody calls one name as soon as there is any problem in the department, and that person is me. I express my sincere gratitude for making me a multi-tasking person.

With your support and guidance, I am sure that every soon I will be handling all the responsibilities of a manager. You are a true genius who knows how to extract the best from someone. I really admire your attitude in going beyond the limit to bring out the best out of me.

Thanks a lot for inspiring the changes in me. You and your suggestions are valuable for me. I would love to contact you whenever I need any suggestions from you. Please be in touch and feed my number and address in your diary.


Lauri J. Anderson.

Do not postpone in writing thank you cover letter to referrers. Investing some moments and thoughts to express your gratitude will always help you in the future. This instructions and sample letter is enough inspiration for you to write your own thank you cover letter.

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