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Recommendation letter is sent, when you desire to recommend any candidate for a particular job profile in a company. As you need to create the right impression, you should send a smartly written effective recommendation letter. Keep sometime aside to jot down important points that you can include in the letter. You must highlight the reason why you feel that the candidate you are recommending fits the job profile. You can even enclose appreciation or excellent performance certificates received by the candidate.

Sample of Call Center Recommendation Letter

Matthew D. Obrien,
Team Lead,
ADC Call Center,
1005 Fincham Road,
San Diego, CA 92111,
(760)-536 1305,

Date: May 20, 2005.

Mr. Kyle N. Price,
HR Manager,
Excel BPO,
4960 West Fork Drive,
San Diego, CA 92111.

Dear Mr. Price,

This is to inform you that Simon Brown worked with ADC Call Center from July 22, 2003 to May 11, 2005 as a technical support executive. I would like to recommend him for the post of senior technical support executive in Excel BPO. Simon worked under my supervision, during his tenure at ADC Call Center.

Simon has excellent troubleshooting skills and resolves the customer's technical issues within the assigned AHT. He joined our organization as an entry-level candidate and cleared his customer service training successfully. During his on job training, we observed excellent improvement in his performance. He has through understanding of telephone etiquettes and has received several appreciation letters for his professional approach towards a call and providing quick correct resolution.

Simon has excellent communication skills, thus he is a part of the team, specifically assigned for supervisor calls. He can deal with irate customers. During his tenure with ADC Call Center he kept his AHT within limit and received excellent CSAT (customer satisfaction rating).

I am confident that Simon will prove to be an excellent employee, if selected for job in Excel BPO. I am grateful that you spent your time to go through this letter. I hope that you consider my recommendation and recruit Simon for the post of senior technical support executive in your company.


Matthew D. Obrien,
Team Lead,
ADC Call Center

Copy of Appreciation Letters

Sample Recommendation Letter for Call Center

William C. Lewis,
Operations Manager,
4379 Jehovah Drive,
Waynesboro, VA 22980,
(540)-471 1702,

Date: May 12, 2005.

Mr. Kenneth M. Fernandez,
HR Head,
ASD BPO Services,
1802 Ingram Street,
Waynesboro, VA 22980.

Dear Mr. Fernandez,

I am William C. Lewis, Operations Manager with EFS BPO. I would like to recommend Peter S. Wills for the post of Support Executive in ASD BPO Services in the outbound sales process. Peter worked with EFS BPO from February 22, 1999 to February 16, 2004 as a sales support executive in an outbound process.

During his tenure at EFS BPO, Peter worked under my department. Peter is an excellent executive for an outbound process. He uses his excellent communication skills to get new customer and sell newly launched products. He was awarded consistent performance award for achieving sales target in successions for 6 months. He is a motivating team member, who helps his team members to achieve their targets.

Excel Company Inc. our most important client had recognized Peter's excellent work and awarded him best customer service award during the year 2004. If selected for job in your company, he will prove to be an outstanding employee for an outbound sales process. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am obliged that you spent your precious time to go through this letter.



William C. Lewis,
Operations Manager,

Best customer service award by client
Consistent performance award.

The samples provided above can drafting considering professional approach expected by the employer. You can use these samples for your reference and make changes to them as per your desire.

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