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Sample Cover Letter For Salary Negotiation Before Joining

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Salary Negotiation before Joining is done to evade any misunderstanding between the recruiter and the job seeker with respect to salary and other benefits. Every industry will have a standard salary structure for different grades of employees in their office. This structure can be altered a little in case they find the right candidate for the job. Thus, salary quotation and negotiation are done in every industry to help the recruiter and the job seeker. This type of a salary negotiation can be done either in a phone or in person. This can also be done through a letter. This letter will help the recruiter understand your expectation, and they can decide whether to alter their quotation.

A Salary negotiation letter can be a useful document when it comes to recruitment process. It can help the recruiter have a written copy of the understanding and can deviate waste of time. You can help the recruiter get a clear idea, leaving no space for doubts, of your stance and your expectations.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • The cover letter should be very precise.

  • It should not be in a demanding tone.

  • The salary negotiation should be in a way that will help the recruiter understand your requirement.

  • Do not over emphasize on the fact that you are not happy with the salary offered.

  • Stress on the point why you are expecting more.

Salary Negotiation before Joining

Emily Prentiss,
23, Benford, 4th Lane,
Montgomery, AL 7889,
(867)-997 6898.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Taron Jhonson,
National Call Center,
46, Nimbus Lane,
Montgomey, AL 6598-68078.

Dear Mr. Jhonson,

From our meeting and phone conversations, I got the privilege to know your product model and business processes in detail. I am very excited by the prospect of working for National Call Center. Your customer care team is among the most impressive I have met in my job search. Your company ethics are clean and your work force is efficient.

In short, I am eager to accept your offer and begin working for National Call Center. However, I should be telling you that I have received another offer of employment with Regional Call Center, NY. While everything at your company holds a greater opportunity for me, and my career, I must tell you that they have offered a salary $5000/annum higher than your offer.

Instead of accepting their offer immediately, I wanted to reaffirm my interests in National Call Center and express my hope that we can come to terms on this matter and begin our happy association as soon as possible.

I eagerly await your response.


Emily Prentiss

Sample Letter for Salary Negotiation before Joining

Timon Shambercalum,
56, Tori Street,
Augusta, Maine 89090.
(688)-978 899.

Date: May 8, 2006.

Ms. Reeta Jimberson,
78, Lane 45,
New lands,
Augusta, Maine 678676-86656.

Dear Ms Jimberson,

Thank you for your offer. I am looking forward to be a part of New Lands group of companies, because working in your company has been my long-term goal.

I am writing this letter to discuss the salary structure and negotiate the net salary that was offered to me.

My previous salary was ______ Dollars, and I expect an increase of 30%, which is the industry standard. I was offered few benefits like a staff quarters and free parking space. I live in the vicinity, and I do not require a quarters. And I use a cycle to travel, therefore, I do not require a parking space.

Therefore, I request you to consider the above mentioned points and consider negotiating my salary.

Thank you,

Timon Shambercalum


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