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Top 10 Cliches To Avoid On Your Banking Cover Letter

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Sample Top 10 Cliches To Avoid On Your Banking Cover Letter

The competition in the banking industry is more severe because of the working environment, duty hours and the pay package it offers. Your banking cover letter is the only chance in meeting with the prospective employers. However, try to avoid the following ten clichés in the cover letter.

  1. “To whomsoever it may concern”—it will show your inability to take efforts and create a bad impression in the hiring managers’ sight. Therefore, find out the name of the person to be addressed and include in the cover letter.

  2. “In response to your advertisement…” — it is accepted that you are writing to respond to the job opening published by the employers. Since they have read hundreds of cover letters before, reading the same old sentences will irritate the readers.

  3. “I am a people’s person” — the banker will never understand whether you are liked by the people or you like the people. Instead state it in simple words that I like to work in a team and gets involved in every activity taken by the team.

  4. “If given a chance, I can prove you…” — the employers are more interested in proof of your skills and experiences. They don’t have time or money to spend on you by giving you an opportunity to prove yourself.

  5. “If you have any doubts, feel free to call me at the mentioned number” — when they feel your profile fit the requirements, they will give you a call. And of course they will feel free to call you. Therefore, no need to mention that.

  6. “I will do my best” — sound nice, but employers need best people for their business. Show them what best things you have done in your previous employment, and how in a best way you can use your skills for their benefits.

  7. “I admit that I am lacking in experience, but it’s my dream to work with ABC Bank, and I assure you I will learn things faster” — the employer will say you ‘sorry’ and ‘best of luck.’ They are not there to provide you an education and experience. Even in fact you feel that way, mention that in a face-to face interview.

  8. “I want a platform where I can learn and grow as a professional” — employers are only interested in their business growth. They will not entertain people who are self-centered.

  9. “Do me a favor and give an opportunity to meet you” — employers are not there to do favors to every single candidate. Entice them by explaining what good things you can contribute for their business growth.

    10. “I am attaching my resume for your kind consideration” — provide reasons to the employers in reading your cover letter. Without any valid reasons, the employers will not invest their time in reading your resume.

Remember, the purpose of the banking cover letter is to explain the readers what you can do for them. Understand the job requirement first, and then compare it with your skills and experiences. This way, you will surely create the readers’ interest in calling you for the interview.


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