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Sample Reference Letter for Suggestion Senior or Alumni

Cover Letter for Banking Jobs

The banking sector is one of the fastest growing industries and there are new job avenues opening up in these industries. Hence, you may need guidance from your seniors or alumni about your career path or career growth. Your communication with your senior or alumni should always be professional. You need to send a well-written cover letter to get their suggestions or appointment. You need to provide details such as why you are writing this letter, academic achievements and work experience, and the guidance you expect from the receiver.

Reference Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Bruce J. Thomas,
1847 Coal Street,
Johnstown, PA 15904,

Date: May 4, 2005.

Mr. Timothy S. Garr,
General Manager,
Pennsylvania State Bank,
3365 Poe Road,
Johnstown, PA 15904.

Dear Garr,

I am Bruce J. Thomas, a bachelor of commerce student of Pennsylvania University. Mr. Steven Smith provided me, your contact details for any guidance related to career in the banking industry. I have excellent academic record and would like to make a career in the banking industry.

The banking industry is changing everyday due to new technological development. I would like to know about new avenues in this industry, where entry-level candidates are preferred. Please suggest me such job profiles in banking industry that will help me to kick start my career. I also need your suggestion about various banking courses I can attend. Please go through the attached resume, as it will provide additional information about my academic achievements. I have good academic record in accounts and economics. During various inter-college competitions, I have participated in different quiz competitions related to economics.

I would like to request you for an appointment, so that I can meet you and discuss all these details with you. I assure you that I would not take much of your time. Thank you for going this letter and considering my request.

Best Regards,

Bruce J. Thomas


Reference Sample Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Tricia R. McVey,
548 Deercove Drive,
Philadelphia, PA 19107,

Date: October 10, 2011.

Mr. Ronald K. Rice,
Loan Manager,
Imperial Bank,
3544 Dane Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Dear Mr. Rice,

I found your reference, through the alumni-student guide of Philadelphia University. I am currently pursuing MBA (Masters in Business Administrative) vocational from Philadelphia University. I two years of work experience as an accountant in ABC Financial Firm and would like to work in a bank. I need your guidance to enter into the banking industry and make a flourishing career.

My current job profile has helped to gain experience of accounting and bookkeeping. I am responsible for managing clients and looking after several client accounts. I want to enter the banking sector, as I can utilize previous work experience, managerial skills gained through MBA and create a good career. I want your suggestions about the job profiles in the banking sector that I can apply for, how should I approach the various organizations or do I need to pursue any other courses to be eligible for these jobs.

Please provide me your appointment, so that I can discuss all these details with you. I have enclosed my resume along with this letter, please go through it as it will provide details about my educational background and work experience. If you are aware about any job opening in the banking industry where I would be suitable, please refer me for that particular job profile. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Tricia R. McVey


The samples of reference letters provided above can be used for reference, when you are writing your cover letter. Keep some time aside to proofread the letter and remove all the mistakes. It is essential to send an effective, well-written reference letter to make a good impression.

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