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You may need to draft a recommendation letter to recommend a candidate for any job in an organization. Similarly, you may need to send a negative recommendation letter, when you do not wish to recommend the candidate for a job. As this letter is sent to the HR or recruiting head, you should used professional letter formatting and language to draft this letter. Make sure that you provide only those details about the candidate for which you have a written proof.

Sample Of Negative Recommendation Letter For Banking Job

Leonard H. Hein,
Branch Manager,
Costa Bank,
4595 Lynn Street,
Boston, MA 02114,
(617)-241 2203,

Date: May 27, 2005.

Mr. Walter R. Ferguson,
HR Manager,
ADS Bank,
1013 Joes Road,
Boston, MA 02114.

Dear Mr. Ferguson,

This is to inform you that Simon Garrett worked with Costa Bank, MA from September 20, 2003 to February 11, 2004. During his tenure with us, he was found guilty of making fraud entries into the balance sheet. Such unethical behavior is unacceptable. Hence, he was fired from his job. I suggest that you do not recruit Simon Garrett for any job in your bank.

Simon has several years of work experience in the banking industry and considering his work experience, we recruited him in our bank. During probation period of six months, Simon's performance at work was excellent and there was no discrepancies found in the accounts managed by him. Considering his contribution towards the company, we assigned him the accounts of our major clients. So that he could interact with these clients and improve our business by selling investments plans. He was unable to achieve the targets assigned to him. During the audit there were major discrepancies found in the accounts managed by Simon. After confrontation, he accepted that he had made fraud entries.

The banking industry needs candidate who are disciplined, ethical, sincere and trustworthy and Simon does not prove to be one. Hence, I would not recommend him for any job in your organization. I hope that you will consider my request. I am thankful for your time. Please consider my suggestion. I have attached a copy of the memo assigned to Simon for your reference.



Leonard H. Hein,
Branch Manager,
Costa Bank

Copy of memo assigned to Simon

Sample Of Banking Job Recommendation-Negative Letter

Larry M. Lange,
Bank Manager,
New Jersey Private Bank,
1343 Beachwood Avenue,
Wayne, NJ 0747,
(908)-764 3582,

Date: October 31, 2011.

Mr. Brett V. Wilcox,
Recruitment Head,
Peoples Bank Limited,
1310 Eagles Nest Drive,
Wayne, NJ 0747.

Dear Mr. Wilcox,

I am Larry M. Lange, Bank Manager with New Jersey Private Bank. I am writing this letter to inform you that Nicholas C. Fugate worked with New Jersey Private Bank as a Bank Teller. During his tenure with our bank, he did not prove to be an ideal candidate for Bank Teller job profile. I would not recommend him for the post of Bank Teller in your bank.

As a bank teller he was responsible for processing financial transactions. Nicholas was provided complete training on the rules, security measures to follow and the high degree of accuracy that is needed for carrying out financial transactions. Yet he was unable to process all the financial transaction with accuracy and within stipulated time. Some of our regular costumers had logged complaints about him as he was unable to deliver banking service within stipulated time. We warned Nicholas and provided him retraining, but there was no improvement observed in his performance at work.

Please consider my suggestion and do not recruit Nicholas for the post of Bank Teller in your bank. Hope you consider my suggestion. I would like to thank you for the time you took out from your busy schedule to go through this letter. I have enclosed a copy of warning letter provided by the bank to Nicholas.


Larry M. Lange,
Bank Manager,
New Jersey Private Bank

Copy of warning letter assigned to Nicholas

The samples provided above are for reference and you may use these according to your requirements. These letter should be address to the concerned person, avoid sending a letter with a generic salutation.

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