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Sample Investment Banking Cover Letter

Cover letters give a clear picture of your ideas and confidence regarding your job profile, to the recruiter or the employer. This letter also acts as a bonding bridge between the reader and the sender. It gives a personal touch to your resume and profile, thus increasing your chances of getting selected or called for the interview. It helps to gear a conversation with the reader – conversation being one of the important aspects of relationship.

A cover letter (as the name points out) should cover the important parts of your resume rather than repeating the same thing all over and again. It can pepper on information about your basic skills or expertise and can also point out in brief about your fields of interest and why you look forward to join their organization.

This page offers you two samples of job application cover letter. It can prove helpful in drafting your job application letter. It is an important step of your life, so minimize any kinds of risk and follow the pattern given below to write an effective cover letter.

Investment Banking Cover Letter

Robert P. McGinnis,
4212 Norman Street,
Irvine, CA 92614,
(323)-331 9843.

Date: May 30, 2008.

Mr. Shon F. Mares,
HR Recruiter,
ABC Banking CO.,
4652 Sardis Sta,
Fort Worth, TX 76134.

Dear Mr. Mares,

I write this letter in response to the advertisement published in the local employment news (28 May, 2008) for want of candidates for the post of Strategy Consulting Manager.

With a proven track record of success in the management and marketing of investment services, I Believe my experience would contribute greatly towards the continued success of ABC Banking CO. I have enclosed my resume to provide an overview of my career achievements and qualifications.

I completed my MBA in finance in 2005. I have been working in Visio Lake Bank since three years as a relationship manager.

As you will note, my tenure in investment banking with Visio Lake Bank exhibits continues advancement in client-base growth and revenue generation. I had to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining relationship with the clients, recommending them various products of our bank according to their need, solving their queries and problems, etc.

I have enclosed my resume that will give you a detailed knowledge about my qualifications and job profile.

In addition, I offer a comprehensive knowledge of numerous investment tools and the ability to deliver products and services seamlessly to customers. My professional experience, combined with my dedication and enthusiasm, will enable me to make an immediate and valuable impact on your organization. I think all these qualities and skills make me a worthy and suitable candidate for the post.

I look forward to meeting with you and learning more about the position, your objectives, and how I can contribute to the success of your department. In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Robert P. McGinnis.

1. Resume
2. Copy of graduation certificate.
3. Copy of MBA certificate.
4. Copy of the experience certificate of the previous company.
5. Copy of the salary slip for the last three months.
6. Copy of the relieving letter from the previous employer.

Sample Investment Banking Cover Letter

Lorraine J. Brown,
4296 Marshall Street,
Galena, MD 21635,
(410)-648 1285,

Date: May 15, 2007.

Mr. Brenda L. Enriquez,
HR Recruiter,
National Banking co.
4826 Old House Drive,
Columbus, OH 43215.

Dear Ms. Enriquez,

Mr. George Mares, lead relationship manager in your bank, had given me your reference to apply for the post of Senior Analyst in your bank. He gave me information regarding the vacancy for this post and also threw some light on the profile of the job. After researching some more about the post and your bank, I write this letter to you expressing my wish to apply for the post.

I have done my graduation in commerce and I have completed MBA in finance and human resource. I am skilled in the field of accounting and resource management. I have two years of work experience in XYZ Banking co. as an Investment analyst. I have expertise in the areas of; researching and analyzing financial information relating to specific companies, e.g. a new set of accounts, profit and loss and cash flow statements, conducting regular meetings with the management of the companies, sometimes at their premises, e.g. to discuss issues arising from the accounts etc.

I am looking forward to move into a new firm and explore new areas. I think your firm and the vacancy in your firm ends my search for a desired job. I am keen to work as a senior analyst, and I hope that my skills and qualifications would prove beneficial to your bank, and lead to its development.

I hope to be called for an interview, where we can have further discussions regarding other aspects of this profile.



Lorraine J. Brown.


  • Resume
  • Copy of graduation certificate
  • Copy of MBA certificate.
  • Copy of the experience certificate of the previous company
  • Copy of the salary slip for the last three months
  • Copy of the relieving letter from the previous employer.


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