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Candidates fail to understand that a cover letter is one of the essential weapons in hunting the job. The reasons could be their assumption that cover letter does not really matter. They also believe that readers do not invest more than few seconds in reading the content of the letter. Well, if you are falling in the 'they' category, let me tell you that readers do read the cover letter if it is worth reading it. By saying 'worth reading it,' in no way do I mean that you should add every single detail of your life right from the early days when you needed an assistance to perform the basic routines in your life.

How to create a good cover letter would be your obvious question after reading this introductory paragraph. To answer this, I would ask to read this excerpt on banker cover letter.

First thing, the length of the cover letter matters a lot. Therefore, try to include information on one page. Take it out of your head that cover letter more than one page would land you an interview with the employers. The readers would not be pleased seeing a two-page cover letter. All your efforts and the information added in it would go unnoticed since the readers would either place it aside or put it in the dustbin. Moreover, the lengthy letter would create an impression that you lack the knowledge of putting your message concisely, and so you have added in excess.

Now let us discuss what your cover letter should include. Candidate with no experience should include details about their educational qualifications. State any course you have taken to enhance your skills for the job. It could be finance, accounting, math/statistics, and economics. You can add details of your internship experience. Mention the project work you have completed while interning with any company. You can add information that can show your ability to take initiatives in your work.

Experienced candidates should include their previous work experiences. However, the information must be parallel with the job requirements. You must state the years of experience they hold in the profession along with their educational details. The cover letter should convince the readers that you are a skilled and suitable candidate for the job.

Banker Cover Letter

Donald B. Haider,
381 Hillcrest Avenue,
Canton, MA 02021,
(781)-000 1212.

Date: October 18, 2011.

Mr. John P. Lazzaro,
Hiring Manager,
Community Bank,
1774 Pickens Way,
Winnsboro, TX 75494.

Dear Mr. Lazzaro,

I am indebted to as I learned about the job opening for a banker position in the Community Bank. Having the similar kind of work experience and education background, I am pleased in applying for the position in what is considered as one of the best banks in the state of MA.

I am a graduate in Banking Administration from AAA University. My resume will indicate that I have worked as a banker for six years in two different financial companies. I have handled accounts of corporate and private sectors that needed a special attention. I have helped many individuals in raising funds to start their small-scale venture. Many customers are enjoying the fruits of their investment, which I guided them on different schemes and stock investments. I am confident that my leadership quality backed with extensive work experience would be ideal for your bank.

The summary of my professional qualification is as follows:

  • Six years of banking experience and extensive knowledge of the trade.
  • Ability to solve customers' problem with sound judgment and professional approach.
  • Hands-on experience in recruiting, training and managing staff for the company.
  • Presentation and promotional skills in attracting customers to the company.
  • Assigning and helping team in meeting the targets.
  • Knowledge about the process of paperwork related with sales, opening and closing accounts, and changing details of customers.

The success of the bank will depend on customers' satisfaction. And I assure you that I will put all my efforts in satisfying your customers, and bringing profit to your bank. I would welcome your effort in calling me for an interview to discuss the position in depth. I thank you for the opportunity given to apply for the position.

Yours sincerely,


Donald B. Haider.

The job responsibility and work experience of bankers would differ among the organization they are working in. When trying for a job, try to collect information about the job from a reliable source. Find out whether the job descriptions and the company profile matches with your work experience and skills. If your research work is positive, then go ahead and apply for the position. This banker cover letter sample would help you in describing your interest and experience related with the job.


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