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Sample Bank Teller Cover Letter

The services banks provide these days are much diverse and surpass the old traditional style of banking, which was just limited to depositing and withdrawing money. Now, visit any bank and you will find lots of investment plans, consulting services, loan schemes, stock trading, and online banking services being provided. As the range of services provided by banks are wide, they need people who can assist them in catering for these services to their customers. They also need someone who can help them to check and perform the job effectively. Bank Teller in this regard plays an important role in supporting the services.

Bank tellers accept a deposit, sell banking services, tally deposited cash, greet customers, read the notes, open customers' accounts, disburse loan payments, answer customers' queries, or guide them to respective person/department for their problems and alert the security by hitting a crisis button when needed. As a teller, you must have complete knowledge of banking business, and you must be able to assist customers in buying services or policies reading their requirements.

To find the job in a bank, you must have a resume and a 'Bank Teller Cover Letter.' The cover letter is useful in describing your skills and competing with other applicants. It has the potential to outsmart other applicants if it is written considering the following criteria:

Content of the Letter
All bank tellers have the same type of responsibilities. This means the skills and experience of people trying for the job would be similar. However, how best you portray it to the prospective employer will play the key role in getting an interview. Therefore, the content of the letter should be customized to suit the job requirements. For the teller position, the employer would prefer good knowledge of banking business, skills to accept and answer customers' inquiries, ability to solve customers' problems, knowledge of the banking services and financial products, and experience in administrative and accounting works.

Important Facts
The cover letter is the right place to explain your skills and qualifications for the job. Some of the common skills you should never miss in the letter are communication, customer services, soft skills, and data entry and retrieving from the system. The main selling point of your letter is your competencies and skills for the job.

You will have a better picture if you read this sample of a banker cover letter.

Bank Teller Cover Letter

Albert S. Rountree,
1992 Locust View Drive,
San Francisco, CA 94118,
(415)-000 7193.

Date: October 19, 2011.

Mr. Robert J. Daniels,
Hiring Manager,
Cash & Carry Bank,
1994 Williams Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94120.

Dear Mr. Daniels,

I believe you have a vacancy for the 'Bank Teller' position, and are looking for someone who is experienced in customer service, good in communication, computer, adept in data entry and accounting. If my assumption is true, then I am extremely happy to apply for the position, since I have the needed skills, experiences and qualifications for the job.

Having worked for three years in similar capacity for 'Money Bank,' I understand that a teller has to handled customers' deposit, make payments, receive and answer customers' inquiries, and sell various financial products and services as required by customers. As such, a teller should be a professional who is patient in handling customers' inquiries, and have a strong convincing power to convince customers in buying services and products the bank offers. I have handled these responsibilities quite convincingly. I have a higher success rate in selling banking products to customers. The reason behind my success is because of my customer-care attitude, and ability to build good relationships with help of verbal and written communication skills.

Further, I have managed exchange of foreign currency, collected payments for all types of loans, and issued 'n' numbers of traveler's check to customers. I also have a good eye to judge whether the checks and currency are genuine or not. Whenever I have any doubts regarding checks, I clear it by asking identification proof from individuals in a polite manner.

I think these skills, and experiences are all that you need for the 'Bank Teller' position. Let us meet on a convenient date to give a shape to our long-term professional association. I will take the initiative and call you on October 26 for our possible meeting. You can call me as well whenever you are free and need any further details. Thank you for your patience and consideration.

Yours sincerely,


Albert S. Rountree.


A cover letter is important in presenting a picture of your skills and abilities in the employers' mind. Cover letter written with a unique style will surely compel the readers to read through it. The key to success is being precise and simple with your contents. Read this sample of a banker cover letter as it will help you in conveying your message clearly and precisely to the employers.


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