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Sample Bank Note Designer Cover Letter

Money is a collective term used for currency, coin, note or a dollar bill. It has a significant impact in country's economy and individuals as well. We have seen the changes it has taken right from its inception. In most countries, the flow of money is controlled by major banks run by the government.

Since the flow of money is controlled by the banks, they keep changing the design of the currency to eliminate the possible counterfeiting. To do this job, they need people who have an artistic skill in designing the bank notes. This responsibility is shouldered by the banknote designers.

When trying a banknote designer job, you need to show your designing skills. As a designer, you should be able to design the banknote considering the features of the printing technology, and security aspects. You should have a good sense of color and knowledge about inks used in printing. The design and color used should be pleasing to eyes. Your main job would be to design and engrave it into a metal plate which can be mounted on the printing machine for printing banknotes, stamps, government securities, and bonds.

Bank Note Designer Cover Letter

Michael V. Razo,
1839 Warner Street,
North Miami, FL 33161,
(305)-000 1493.

Date: October 19, 2011.

Mr. William D. Godfrey,
Hiring Manager,
Phoenix Engraving Services,
2921 Scheuvront Drive,
North Miami, FL 33160.

Dear Mr. Godfrey,

I am applying for the position of 'Banknote Designer' published in today's Banking News. I am a fine-art graduate from AAA Arts College. I have 12 years of experience in designing banknotes and other important papers such as government stamps and bonds.

While in college, I participated in a design contest for postal stamps, and I take great pleasure in stating that I was the winner of the contest. The contest was organized by The Postal Association of Florida State, and the theme was 'Changes in Postal Age.'

As a designer, I believe the product should be design in such a way that it is pleasing to eyes and feels good to hold in hand as well. Besides, the design should have the physical security properties so that it is impossible to duplicate it for fraudulent purposes. I design my work keeping in view all these factors.

I have a good exposure in printing technology. I am confident that I will prove you my worth with my exceptional designing skills and commitment towards work. I am comfortable working individually as well as within a team.

I can join your organization immediately. Please let me know when I should come to meet you for an interview. You can find my work experience in detail from my resume accompanying this application. I am grateful to you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Michael V. Razo


Banknote designers should demonstrate designing skills and knowledge of printing technology. The employers should know that you are comfortable in applying all the tools used in designing banknotes and other government papers. This sample cover letter written for the banknote designer position would be useful to you when searching the job.


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