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Sample A Cover Letter to Personal Referral

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Cover letter is an important piece of document, which is gaining popularity in the modern days. It is a medium of conversation in the corporate world. They are basically written for job offer acknowledgement, acceptance of job offer, salary negotiation, reference, thanking the employ and resignation.

A letter of reference gives the suggestion that it is written to a friend in the same field, elderly, or alumni. This letter is written to the reader asking for help in finding suitable employment for you. This letter is written, because the reader is often well equipped with the knowledge of vacancies and jobs suited to their profile and the field.

Below are the two sample reference letters. You can take the help of the samples to make your own cover letter of reference. Make the necessary changes in the data provided in the letter as per your requirement.

A Sample Cover Letter to a Personal Referral

Stanley J. Dvorak,
954 Jarvis Street,
Buffalo, NY 14222,
(716)-878 5354.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Russell J. Bell,
Dakota Bank Corporation,
1581 Emily Drive,
Rock Hill, SC 29730.

Dear Bell,

I am a friend of Diana Parker and she encouraged me to forward my resume to you. I know Diana from Bank of Melbas where I was working as a manager. It was quite a fruitful period for me as I could learn quite a few new things in banking field. I am enclosing my updated resume along with this letter.

Bank of Melbas, the firm I was working with for the last two years was merged with another financial group, and as a result, of that my job was eliminated. I was offered a job there but the position was temporary, and they wanted me to relocate to make it permanent. I am looking for opportunities locally.

I would like to work as manager in any financial institute i.e. bank, union credit or insurance company. I like being part of a dynamic organization and am looking for that next opportunity.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance and advice and I look forward to hear a positive response from you.

Best Regards

Stanley J. Dvorak

Sample Cover Letter to a Personal Referral

Tom L. Aldrich,
2621 Trymore Road,
MN 56058.
(507)-665 5844.

Date: October 10, 2011.

Mr. Claude E. Ward,
2874 Travis Street,
West Palm Beach, FL 33410.

Dear Claude,

While going through a job portal, I saw the advertising that there is a job opening in your bank and I got this email address from there. I studied at the National Baking Institute for two years, where I learnt various aspects about banking. I am enclosing my updated resume with this letter that would give you a summary of my profile.

During my studies, I learnt that to succeed in this industry, I have to be stable and open to learning new things as banking is a dynamic field and things keep on changing very fast. My goal is to become a bank manager. Relocation is not a problem with me. I am open to any situation that is a challenge and make good use of my skills.

I am willing to face any challenges and that make me utilize my skills and abilities to bring in the best result. Please feel free to keep me updated with your valuable advice.

I will be waiting to welcome a positive response from you.

Best Regards,

Tom L. Aldrich


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