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Sample Salary Negotiation Before Joining

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Your selection for the job is an obvious indication that you deserve the position, and the company needs you. But this should not instill over-confidence in you. On the contrary, you should confidently appreciate the job offer. There are certain things you should consider when you have reached up to the salary-negotiation stage.

The salary factor is considered based on the place or the city where the company is established. Every city is assigned grades by the government. If the city is labeled in the 'A' category, then the companies have to follow a certain standard laid by the government, and they have to pay salaries to their employees accordingly. This information will help in negotiating your salary with the company.

Next, you should know what you are capable of in contributing to the growth of the company. When conversing with the HR personnel, you can stress on these points and try to turn his/her decision in your favor. If the person is not ready to surrender to your expectations, do not accept the job, even if you need in badly. Simply, request them some time to think about the offer. Tell them that you will call and inform about your decision within a certain time limit. And see to it that you honor your commitment. No matter, whether you have decided to take or pass on the offer.

If you are not able to convince the manager with your talk, you can communicate your salary expectation by writing a salary-negotiating letter. The letter will give a chance to explain your reasons for a higher salary more clearly. Add few words of appreciation for the company for offering you the job. Ensure that you are following a professional conduct in writing the letter.

Cover Letter for Salary Negotiation before Joining Advertising Job

Paul L. Bowman,
789 Ashmor Drive,
Grand Rapids, MN 55744.
(218)-abc 7910.

Date: October 7, 2011.

Mr. Louis B. Hernandez,
HR Manager,
Fair & Bright Advertisers,
4629 Chenoweth Drive,
Grand Rapids, MN 55744.

Dear Mr. Hernandez,

It is a great moment of my life as I have just received the offer letter from your company for the Marketing Manager position. For me, every visit to your company during the selection process has been a learning experience. I have found many good things in your company, and I liked the way your staff co-operated with me during the interview. I also enjoyed the facility tour in your company. In fact, I have found many things in your company matching with my goals and objectives.

Right now, I am going through a mixed feeling of emotions. On one hand, I am happy for getting selected among several candidates. On the other hand, I am struggling to digest the reason behind being offered a salary below my expectation. I do not know how you have calculated and reached to this figure.

As we have not talked about the salary during the interview. Let me inform you, that presently, I am earning a salary of $4,500.00 per month, and an incentive of 10% on the net sales. I was expecting a monthly salary of $6,300.00 plus incentives. That comes to 40% rise to my current salary. In my six years of managerial experience, I have initiated and managed many promotional activities. I am quite confident that I can perform my job with similar enthusiasm for your company. I have already begun to envision myself as the topper in sales in your company.

I am reaffirming my interest in working with your company. If you could please consider my request in revising the offered salary as mentioned, I would love to join your company as of now. Please call me to talk in these issues across the table.

           I eagerly await your response.


Paul L. Bowman.

Until you are asked about your salary, never open up the issue, nor mention anything about your salary in your resume and cover letter as well. If you find the offered salary way below your expectation, then try to negotiate it with the employer with right attitude. This cover letter sample for salary negotiating is a nice example where the writer is repeating his interest to work in the company and requesting to consider a revision in the salary being offered.

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