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Sample Reference Letter for Suggestion Senior or Alumni

Cover Letter for Advertising Jobs

During the recruitment process, you may need to interact with different people from the advertising industry. To get guidance from your seniors or alumni, you need to send them well written professional letter requesting for guidance. If you want to meet them personally, then mention it in the letter. After reading your letter, the receiver should be able to clearly understand the reason why you are sending the letter. When you are concluding the letter, be grateful and thank the receiver for their time. Enclose your resume with the letter. Direct the receiver towards your resume, so that they go through it.

Reference Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Oscar A. Field,
713 Brannon Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90017,

Date: May 22, 2005.

Mr. Rudolph M. Watson,
Creative Director,
ADC Advertising Inc.,
4421 Walnut Hill Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90017.

Dear Watson,

Mr. Sam Brown provided me your contact details for reference, if I need any guidance related to job search in the advertising field. I am student of Wilson College, currently pursuing my Bachelors in Arts. I wish to pursue career in the advertising field as graphic designer and need your guidance to choose the correct career path.

I want to start my career as an entry-level graphic designer and aim to become a creative director in an advertising firm. I need your guidance to know whether I have chosen the correct career path or do I need to upgrade knowledge by pursuing any certification or course. Currently, I am pursuing a part time course in graphic designing from DLC Computer Academy. I am looking for job in California and do not wish to relocate to a new location.

Kindly provide me reference for various job openings in the advertising field. If there is any job opening in your company suitable for me, then please refer me for that particular job profile. I have enclosed a copy of my resume; please go through it as it will provide more details about my professional skills and expertise.

Please provide me a chance to meet you in person and discuss my career path. Thank you for going through this letter. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Oscar A. Field


Reference Cover Letter Sample for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

John S. Heeter,
1997 Thomas Street,
Lake Forest, IL 60045,
Home: (847)-535-9533,

Date: September 25, 2011.

Mr. Daniel J. Rubio,
Advertising Head,
Aster Advertising Services,
1906 Elm Drive,
Garden City, NY 11530.

Dear Mr. Rubio,

I am John Heeter and I have total 7 years of work experience in the advertising field. I am currently working with Casper Advertising Firm as advertising sales executive. I am planning to relocate to New York, therefore, looking for job change.

During my tenure at Casper Advertising Firm, I joined them as a Sales associate and later was promoted to the post of sales executive to lead a team of 5 sale person. I am responsible for the advertisement sales in the northern region of Illinois. I was also responsible for the training of new employees.

I need you guidance to look for correct job opportunities in New York. I will be visiting New York next month and will call your office to fix and appointment with you. Please provide me a list of companies where I can apply for job or refer me for suitable job openings in the advertising field. Please consider my request and give me your appointment, so that I can meet you and discuss my professional expertise and career plans.

I have enclosed my resume along with this letter. Please take some time from your hectic schedule to go through my resume. I am grateful that you spend time to read this letter and consider my request. Thanking you.



John S. Heeter

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The samples of reference cover letter provided above can be used as guideline to draft your cover letter. Once you have drafted the letter, proofread it. Send an error free reference letter to your senior or alumni.

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