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Cover letters are very imperative part of the commercial and corporate world. Cover letters are emerging as inevitable and essential for an effective career. They are being used extensively and exhaustively for almost all purposes, starting from job acknowledgement to resignation and thanking the employer.

Cover letters are also written for recommending someone for a particular job. This can be either positive or negative. Recommendation cover letters are more or less like character certificate. If you are planning for a job change, you would need to get a recommendation letter from your previous employer. Sometimes recruiters also contact your previous employer from the contact details given in your resume. A positive recommendation letter would only be given to a good employee who has a good track record in the company. A person with bad track records, or who has given poor performance will get a negative recommendation letter.

While drafting a negative recommendation letter, ensure that you do not get into any personal comments or take out any personal vengeance on the candidates. It has to be strictly professional and ethical. You have to highlight only the professional drawbacks of the employee and not his personal life related faults.

You can take the help of the below given samples, if you are willing to draft a negative recommendation letter.

Letter of Recommendation-Negative

Anthony A. Hay,
National Advertising Inc.,
1677 Pine Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222.
(724)-306 0841.

Date: May 1, 2005.

To whomsoever it may concern:

National Advertising Inc. employed Louis.G.Lopez as an associate media executive from Sept. 01, 2003, to Feb. 29, 2004. His responsibilities included documenting project case studies, press releases, Internet content development, and media relations. During his time with us, Louis showed himself to be a less than an ideal employee.

Although much of the work Louis completed was average and satisfactory, most of his assignments were finished after stated deadlines. Many of his entries in the book contained multiple errors. When the management offered him constructive criticism, he showed little interest for improvement and demonstrated an overall negligence and resistance to any sort of critique of his work. Louis's attitude in the workplace appears to be his major limitation.

Louis may have the potential to become an excellent associate, however, his abhorrence to accept criticism prevents him from becoming such. I would hesitate to recommend Louis for any job where he might be required to accept commentary on his performance or be expected to show signs of improvement. He does have the ability to complete basic accounting projects.


Anthony A. Hay,
Media Manager,
National Advertising Inc.

Sample Cover Letter of Recommendation-Negative

Stacey L. Brantley,
ABC Advertising associations.
2854 Arbor Court,
Casper, WY 82601,
(307)-268 0001,

Date: 15 July, 2004.

To whomsoever it may concern:

ABC Advertising associations. employed Maria A.Bustos, as an associate marketing executive from December. 01, 2003, to June. 29, 2004. Her responsibilities included; establishing effective and strong network of channel-of-sales in both local and international market, Promoting and raising the brand awareness/ popularity of products, and implementing effective strategies to acquire biggest market share to establish products in the leading position.

It is with utmost seriousness that I am informing you that Maria was not at all a good employee in our organization. She failed to show any type of seriousness towards her work. She failed in achieving her targets and completing the projects that was assigned to her. She was never able to meet the deadlines in completing her works. She always had piles of pending works to her credit.

Many of our clients have complained to us about the uncaring behavior and attitude of her. The management, including me, many a times attempted to improve her behavior and gave her advice, but she turned a deaf ear towards it. Personally she is a good person with a pure character but professionally she is weak and not potent. Her attitude towards her profession is her greatest enemy.

Maria may be considered as a prospective candidate for marketing, however, her revulsion to accept criticism and improve her faults, fails to mould her into a good professional. I would not be very happy to recommend Maria for any job where she might be required to shoulder any kind of important responsibility, or be accountable to her performance.

Warm regards,

Stacey L. Brantley


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