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Many of us find ourselves in a fix when we are encountered with the task of preparing our resume for a prospective job. The job could be the one for which we were waiting since a long time. Hence it becomes our foremost duty to impress the reader or the employer to such an extent that they take into consideration your resume even before they go through it thoroughly.

A cover letter is such a piece of write up that helps to make your resume an awaited piece of reading. The cover letter builds up a platform for your resume. It paves a way, travelling through which a reader will look forward to read your resume.

Your cover letter must not appear a replica of your resume. It means that you must not repeat the same things that you have posted in your resume. Your cover letter should not be a mirror to your resume, but a light that leads the way to your resume.

You can take the help of the samples provided in this page to draft a job application cover letter.

Job Application Cover Letter

Clement P. Weekley,
1805 Brannon Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90017,
(213)-328 7826.

Date: May 20, 2004.

Mr. Richard E. Campana,
HR Recruiter,
ABC Advertisings,
4330 Charles Street,
Southfield, MI 48075.

Dear Mr. Campana,

I write this letter in response to the advertisement that you had given in the local employment news (18 May 2004) seeking candidates for the post of media coordinator. I would like to apply for the same.

I have enclosed my resume along with this cover letter, which will give you a detailed report of my educational and vocational details. In this cover letter, I would attempt to give a highlight of my credentials and capabilities, which would make it easier for you to judge me as a suitable or not-suitable candidate for the vacancy in your company.

I am a post-graduate student of mass communication from ISMC (international school of mass communication). I have done my graduation in commerce. I am well versed with statistics and journalism, which are the two most important skills needed for a media coordinator. I have attended practical workshops wherein I undertook training sessions for communication skills. I have also done a certification course of social and media marketing, which I think, will prove my worth as a suitable candidate for the post.

My application may be just one among thousand others, but I can promise you that, I can prove myself as one outstanding from the thousand others. I have seen many advertisements of your company. I am also acquainted with two or three people who work for your company. Whatever I have heard from them about your company has increased my anxiousness and eagerness to be a part of your organization.

I will be very happy if I am shortlisted for an interview, where we can have a good amount of discussion regarding other aspects of my profile and you can also clear any doubts that you may probably be having regarding me.

I will be looking forward to hear from you soon.


Clement P. Weekley,

Copy of the graduation certificate
Copy of the post graduation certificate

Sample Job Application Letter

Elenor R. Lemmons,
3235 Moonlight Drive,
Princeton, NJ 08540,

Date: May 24, 2005.

Ms. Bobbi J. Bryant,
HR Recruiter,
XYZ Advertisers,
4517 Highland View Drive,,
Elk Grove, CA 95624.

Dear Ms. Bryant,

I write this letter with reference of Mr. Smith Anderson, who works with your company as a senior manager. He had referred me for the post of copywriter in your company. I came to know about this vacancy in your company three days ago. I write this letter to apply for the post of a copywriter in your company.

I have enclosed my resume along with this letter. It will throw light on the various details of my education and work experience. I write this letter to make you familiar with some of my basic skills that I think will put an end to your search for a copywriter.

I am a student of English Literature from ISL (International School of literature), and have completed my graduation and post-graduation from the same institution. I have a flair for writing since childhood and have enjoyed writing almost anything and everything. I have won many prizes at state and national level for various essay and poetry writing competition. I have also been the consecutive and consistent winner in 'spin the yarn competition' during my college years. I have three years of work experience in the line of content writing; I had worked for a web-developing company.

I think all these qualities make me a worthy candidate for the vacancy in your company. I am also too eager to join your firm as I have heard a lot positive things about your company from Mr. Anderson.

I would look forward for an interview call, soon, where I can meet you in person.


Elenor R. Lemmons.

Copy of the experience certificate of the previous company
Copy of the salary slip for the last three months
Copy of the relieving letter from the previous employer


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