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Sample Entry Level Advertising Cover Letter

A cover letter is the most important letter sent during the recruitment process. It decides your future in the recruitment process, whether you would receive an interview call or not. Hence, take efforts to draft a smartly written resume cover letter. This letter is sent along with the resume, therefore it should complement and not look like a copy of the resume. Place emphasis on the important aspects of your academic and internship experience. Let the employee know how you would be suitable for the job. As you are applying for an entry-level position, the employee will judge you based on your academic performance, performance in extra-curricular activities, internship details and work experience (if any).

Sample of Entry Level Advertising Cover Letter

Mark F. Markley,
4267 Hardesty Street,
Lake Placid, NY 12946,
(518)-523 2632,

Date: July 12, 2009

Mr. Andrew C. Swain,
HR Head,
SDC Advertising Firm,
4926 Confederate Drive,
Amber, NY 13110

Dear Mr. Swain,

I am Mark F. Markley, a Bachelor of Advertising student from New York University. I found out about the job opening for the post of trainee advertising executive from job advertisement in the local newspaper. I would like to apply for this job profile in your company as it one of the most respected advertising firm in New York.

My internship at Spark Advertising Firm has helped be to learn practical work in the advertising industry. I have designed brochures and flyers for the advertisement campaign of xyz cold drink. The client was happy with the response they received for the advertisement and the increase in the profit gained by the company.

During internship, I got experience of working in professional environment. The internship helped me to improve my communication interpersonal skills. I can work in team and target oriented work environment. I have won several awards during the inter-college advertise ideas competitions.

Please go through the enclosed resume as it contains additional details about my academics and internship. I am grateful that you spend time to go through the letter. I would like to request you for an interview so that I can further discuss my eligibility for the job.



Mark F. Markley New York University

1. Resume
2. Internship experience letter

Entry Level Advertising Cover Letter Sample

John C. Salinas,
1393 Stuart Street,
Portland, PA 97205,
(724)-404 2185,

Date: October 10, 2011.

Mr. Gregorio J. Owens,
HR Manager,
William Advertising Firm,
2799 Beechwood Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

Dear Mr. Owens,

I would like apply for the post of Advertising Sales Executive in William Advertising Firm. Currently, I am working with Wilson Advertising Services since past three months. I am looking for a new job as my current job is going to shift their base to New York and I do not want to relocate to a new location.

At William Advertising Firm, I am responsible for managing the sale of newspaper advertisements for our clients. I have experience of working in target based work environment and work hard towards achieving my target. I like to work in coordination with my team to achieve the target assigned to the entire team.

I did my internship at Excel Advertising and was rewarded with a certificate for excellent performance during internship. I am excited to apply for job in your firm as it one of the well-known advertising firms in Pennsylvania.

Thank for taking time out from your schedule to go through this letter and considering me suitable for the post of advertising sales executive in your firm. I have enclosed a copy of my resume along with this letter. Please go through the resume as it has further information about my professional and academic achievements.



John C. Salinas


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The samples of cover letter for entry-level jobs in the advertising industry provided above can be used for reference. Send the letter in an envelope that has employers added printed over it.

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