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Sample Advertising Art Director Cover Letter

Advertising Art Director Cover Letter contains all the relevant experiences and skills in such a way that your employer will be tempted to call you for an interview after reading your cover letter. Art direction is all about ideas, creativity, art, visioning, exploring. Reflecting the profession, a cover letter of an art director can be similar, full of ideas and surprises. Suppose the firm you are applying to is a bit conservative, send in a formal cover letter. However, you will normally find that the people hiring an art director will be appreciative of the creativeness of a person, and therefore an innovative cover letter will only further help you to get the job of your choice.

An art director along with a copy writer, an account or media planner, a digital designer together form the art team, which brainstorms all ideas, and decide on a common theme, which is shown to the client. When the client approves of it, all of them start working on their own departments. The job of an art director is to give the ideas, and most of the "creative thinking" is done by an art director.

Advertising Art Director Cover Letter

Katie Hudson,
444, Lamani Street,
Denver, CO 02108,
(303)-399 0550.

Date: July 10, 2009

Mr. Prabhjot Singh,
National Advertising Inc.,
257, Park Avenue East,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Mr. Singh,

I was delighted to see your listing for the post of an advertising art director on I feel my profile best matches your requirement of minimum four years experience as I am having an extensive experience in print publications.

Your office is at a suitable distance from my home and I enjoy the work that this post has to offer – designing and selecting graphics and pictures for advertisers in magazine pages. I feel I that I will be able to deal with this work quite easily as I have had prior experience in art directing specially related to visualizing work. When working with the other art directors at my prior work place, I picked up many tricks and tips of this job.

It would be great if we meet personally to have a brief overview about this job and my skills and abilities. Let me know the time and date for the meeting, if you are interested.

I look forward to hearing you from you soon.



Katie Hudson.


Advertising Art Director Cover Letter Sample

Halle Williams,
44, North 12th Street,
Philadelphia, PA,
(215)-627 1455.

Date: February 16, 2008.

Ms. Rebecca Giordano,
Crazy Dolls Creative Works,
Esplanade Avenue,
New Orleans, LA.
(504)-821 5449

Dear Ms. Giordano,

This is my formal application for the post of art director in your reputed firm, as advertised on February 14, 2008 in LA Express. Ms. Sarah Blake, Creative Director of your firm has recommended me to apply, as your firm is the perfect workplace for an outgoing and creative individual like me. Moreover, my vast work experience in the field of art direction will definitely benefit your organization as well.

I have won a total of seven local and national awards in my career as an artist and an art director. Also last month, my assignment on an advertisement about a new clothing line won the P. Waulkee Best Commercial Award.

I have worked and supervised in the fields of visualization, selecting, finalizing, editing pictures and videos; audio, jingles and radio advertisements; website content, blogs; and stage shows and dramas. I have assisted my creative director in the earlier work place on most of the projects the firm undertook.

My strengths:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Good leadership qualities.

  • Can work well with a team.

  • Understanding the target audience's mindset and designing the visual effects accordingly.

  • Up-to-date with the latest technologies in graphic designing, thus having the design engineer.

I am attaching my resume and the letter of recommendation along with this letter for your review.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Have a good day!

Halle Williams,
Art Director,
Tinkle Tonk's Advertising Co.


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