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Sample A Cover Letter to Personal Referral

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Cover letters act as crystal balls that can demonstrate your future. A crystal ball engulfs within it the prophecy of your life; similarly a cover letter also engulfs your future within it. The style of your cover letter can foretell your future and predict the scope of your career. Cover letters are used, not only for job application but also for various situations in your career. A well-written cover letter can work magic for you, whereas a badly written cover letter can prove tragic for you. The art of writing cover letter is very hard to master, but you can very well become a good writer if you follow certain necessary templates.

Below given is a sample cover letter for personnel referral. This type of cover letter is written when you wish to avail any assistance from your acquaintances or well–wishers, for finding a job or any other career related advice. Remember that this type of cover letter is very different from the other cover letters. It can be termed as an unofficially official letter. You must not take liberty with the language just because the recipient is an acquaintance. The formality in the syntax and semantics has to be maintained here also.

A Sample Cover Letter To A Personal Referral

Sarah J. Briggs,
626 Brookside Drive,
Birmingham, AL 35205,
(205)-379 5955.

Date: October 25, 2011.

Mr. Charles C. Duffy,
National Advertising Inc.,
3026 Tavern Place,
Denver, CO 80205.

Dear Duffy,

Supreme Advertising Inc., the firm I worked with for the last five years, was sold at year-end and merged with another media institution. As a result, my job was eliminated but I was asked to remain and assist in managing the personal accounts. The position was temporary, and relocation was required to make it permanent. I am looking forward towards opportunities locally here in New York. I am looking for some advice and counsel from people I know and trust.

I would like to continue to be a senior art director in a financial service field (bank, savings and loan, credit union, insurance company, etc.). I am good at administration and teamwork. I've also managed data processing tasks of all volumes. I like being a part of a dynamic organization, and I am looking for that next opportunity.

You are a successful person with friends who are also successful. Perhaps you, or someone you know, are aware of a firm that needs someone with my capabilities. If so, I would appreciate your giving them a copy of the enclosed resume, and I would like their name so that I can contact them personally.

My earlier job had been exciting, and I am sure the next opportunity will hold even more promise. I am glad about the prospect for change and I hope that you can help me make sure it's a positive change. I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for your help.


Sarah J. Briggs.

Personal Referral Sample Cover Letter

Harrison A. Garza,
1007 Apple Lane,
Lacon, IL 61540,
Phone: 309-246-1373,

Date: October 30, 2011.

Mr. Joan S. Matthews,
3772 Jones Street,
Keller, TX 76248.

Dear Matthews,

I sincerely apologize for not being able to reply to your letter last month. Actually, I was engaged with the dissolving procedure of the firm that I had been working with. The partners and directors of the firm decided to dissolve the company last month. So, I was really very busy with all the procedures, as I was responsible for the media coordination. The company has given me some references and recommendations for relocation in New Jersey, but I am interested in continuing in New York.

I write this letter to demand your assistance for the same. Since you have been in New York for the past twenty years, I thought writing to you would be the most excellent thing to do. You also have friends around you who are well–settled and successful. So, if you happen to come across any opportunity that you think will suit my capabilities and profile, please let me know about it.

I am enclosing a copy of my updated resume hereby. Please feel free to forward it to companies which you perceive as suitable.

I hope that you will do the needful and approach me with a positive response soon.

Thank you so much for your valuable time.


Harrison A. Garza.


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