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Sample System Administrator Cover Letter

There is nothing in today’s time that has not been touched by the information technology. All the manufacturing, research, designing, architecture, and the informative industries have to make provision for the information technology in their infrastructure. One position in the organization that plays a significant role in managing the hardware and software needs is the system administrator. System administrators are the driving force that helps the organization to transfer and store information effectively and safely.

System administrators are needed in all types of industries to manage their hardware and software integration. They have to look after the maintenance and proper functioning of system. Their main job is to protect the information stored in the server and take a backup regularly. They also have to prevent the server from any unauthorized access.

Instruction on writing system administrator cover letter

  • Make the readers aware about the position you are trying a job in. Refer to the job listing you are writing the cover letter as a response.

  • As a system administrator, you will be responsible for providing system administration support. Your job will be to install new servers, and repair or build existing servers, install hardware and software as per the project needs. Inform the hiring managers about your experience in installing software and hardware configuration.

  • In an organization, a network through computers is important for a proper communication. Inform the hiring managers that you are capable in all form of network solutions, and you can support the internet and intranet system of the organization.

  • The most important skill you should demonstrate in your cover letter is your experience in server maintenance. Since all the confidential and important details of the organization will be stored in the server, you must have an experience and technical skills in maintaining security of the server. Convey your server maintenance experience to the hiring manager. Let them know that you have already worked in a similar setup.

  • System administrators have to be from a computer background. Mention your computer qualifications in the cover letter such as computer science, degree in computer programming, or computer engineering.

System Administrator Cover Letter

Charles S. Ornelas
242 Berry Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone: (719) XXX-4523 • Email:

September 22, 2011

Charles C. Willis
Hiring Manager
Computer Solutions, Inc.
4097 Pine Tree Lane
Mc Lean, MD 22102

Dear Mr. Willis,

Your job advertisement for a Systems Administrator position is the right opportunity I have been waiting to communicate my interest to work in your organization for. I have worked as a systems administrator for five years and have achieved all the worldly confidence in performing the duties as per your expectations.

In my five-year stint as a systems administrator in two software companies, I have managed all the installation and integration solutions for various clients. In my current role as a senior systems administrator for ABC Software, I have controlled and troubleshot problems in server maintenance. With my experience in system integration and server management, I have helped my current employer to enhance their daily productivity and regain the confidence of past customers.

In addition, your company will be benefitted with my background and experience in managing projects, and knowledge in helpdesk support. I am open to any type of working environment, and enjoy working in a team.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science from XYZ University. I have the capacity to work under any pressure, and I need no outside motivation to perform well because my job itself is my motivation.

If we could meet, I am sure we both can strike an agreement that will be beneficial for both of us. I will call you after a week and within 10 days to know about our possible meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Charles S. Ornelas

Enclosure: Resume

If you want to land a job as a systems administrator in a software company, the given tips and sample cover letter will help you to highlight your experience and education to the hiring manager. Feel free to personalize it as per your professional experiences.


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