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Cover Letter for Accountants

A cover letter is that official piece of write up that acts as an add-up to your resume. You attach a cover letter along with your resume in order to give your resume a personal touch. It shows that you are interested in joining the firm and that you want to build a direct communication with the employer or the recruiter.

The main objective of the cover letter is to inform the reader that you are well equipped with the knowledge about the company and about the job that you are applying for. So you have to make sure that you carry out adequate research about the organization and the profile for which you will be working. You must necessarily go through all the details that are required for your knowledge. If you succeed in giving the right details on your cover letter, then your chances of impressing the reader is quite high. And the simple reason for this would be that any employer or recruiter would be happy to know that you have taken active interest in their organization and hence have forwarded your likeliness to join them.

This page will offer you two samples of job application cover letter. You can go through the samples and draft your cover letter properly.

Letter for Accountants Job Application

Salvador C. Swartz,
2703 Timber Ridge Road,
Sacramento, CA 95814,
(916)-765-1927. Email,

Date: May 15, 2005.

Mr. George J. Staudt,
HR Recruiter,
National Admin. Inc,
4709 Lynn Avenue,
Appleton, WI 54913.

Dear Mr. Staudt,

While reading the employment news today, I came across the advertisement published by your company, seeking candidates for the post of Inventory Specialist in your firm. I write this letter wishing to apply for the same.

I am a student of commerce, with specialization in accounting. I also completed my MBA in Finance, in 2006. I got the opportunity to do my internship in Regional Accounts Inc. During my internship, I worked as a junior inventory specialist, and was responsible for maintaining sales records and assisting my senior in re-stocking and accounting records. The one year that I spent there has given me an immense knowledge in the area of record maintenance and transportation management. When I saw the advertisement for the post of Inventory Specialist, I did not give it even a moment of thought and sat down to write to you. I think that my specialization in accounting and finance make me a worthy candidate for the post. I can assure you satisfaction from my work, if I am considered for the post. I have enclosed my resume hereby, which will give you a detailed account of my educational and experience details.

The post and the name of your company were the two things that coaxed me to write this letter. I have heard a lot about the work culture of your company. Your firm is the talk of the town for the level of cooperation that is witnessed in the employees there. I think there can be no reason better than this for a person to join your firm. With such a likeliness and eagerness, I would look forward for hearing from you soon.

I think an interview would be more convenient for you and me, where we can talk in more detail regarding our views and objectives.


Salvador C. Swartz.

Resume – myresume.doc
Letter of appreciation by Manager, Admin., Regional Inc. – appletter.doc
Copy of the graduation certificate
Copy of the post graduation certificate
Copy of internship certificate.

Cover Letter for Job Application

Linda G. Harrell,
3946 Stratford Park,
Heltonville, IN 47436,

Date: 27 June, 2008.

Mr. Clara B. Hernandez,
HR Recruiter,
ABC Administrations,
1872 Fleming Street,
Maplesville, AL 36050.

Dear Mr. Hernandez,

I write this letter with the reference of Mr. George Swartz, who works as a senior accounts manager in your firm. He had told me that your firm is seeking candidates for the post of Operations Manager, with 2–3 years of experience. I wish to apply for the post.

I am a student of MBA Marketing, from International college of Business. I have also specialized in HR (Human Resource) in my graduation. I started my career as an assistant manager in Regional Administrations, in 2005. I have been working there since three years, and I have gathered immense and in-depth knowledge of the operations in various departments of a firm. I possess good command over English language and have good communication skills. As an assistant manager, I had the responsibility of reporting about the various activities in the department, to the senior manager. So I am also well versed with report making.

I hope all these qualifications will prove my worth as an effective candidate for the post of Operations Manager. I have attached my resume along with this letter that will give a detailed report of my qualifications and skills.

I hope to be called for an interview and look forward to hear from you soon.


Linda G. Harrell.

Resume – myresume.doc
Internship certificate, International Inc. – appletter.doc
Copy of the experience certificate of the previous company
Copy of the salary slip for the last three months
Copy of the relieving letter from the previous employer.


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