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Sample Professional Advice Cover Letter

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Everyone needs advice in his/her life. It could be about a marriage, investment, relationship, education and career. We often take advice from friends, relatives, seniors, colleagues and teachers. We either call or meet the person and discuss about the issue. We can also ask for advice by writing letter, which is totally different from seeking advice in person. When writing is involved, you have to think carefully beforehand and ask suitable questions based on the information provided by you.

Follow these tips to write an advice seeking cover letter:

  • First choose the right person who is truly capable of providing valuable advice. It should not be like you are writing to a football coach and asking his/her advice on pursing an acting career. The person should be someone from your profession, who has spent few good years in the field.

  • Once you have decided who the person will be to seek advice from, think about the kind of advice and help the person could provide you. It is possible that the advice giver has good connections in the acting circle, and he/she may introduce you to a writer, director or producer from television or movie industry. If possible, try to get information about the advice giver in advance by speaking to people who have known him/her for a long time.

  • It is possible that the recipient of the letter is not a counselor or accustomed to providing advice regularly. In that situation, you will have to motivate the recipient of the letter by stating their strong points or good qualities. You may also choose to offer a service in return of their advice.

  • Introduce yourself and explain the stage you are going through. For example: If you have just completed your studies and writing to the HR manager to know how you can find an entry-level job in the company, explain it clearly that you are just a graduate and your interest for the particular profession.

  • List down the important questions you want an answer for. The reader will be in a better position to answer if you have included at the most three to five questions. Writing it clearly and briefly will help in receiving a good response from the reader.

Professional Advice Seeking Cover Letter for Acting Career

Miguel A. Anderson,
2284 Victoria Street,
Chicago, IL 60631,
(224)-000 7946.

Date: November 4, 2011.

Mr. Johnny K. Chavez,
Principal – Angels' School
3633 Briarwood Drive,
Chicago, IL 60630.

Dear Mr. Chavez,

Like many youngsters, I too am bitten by the acting bug since my school days. The dazzling and charming world of movies has swept me off my feet ever since I watched the first movie in my life. I still remember the day when my father took me for a movie called 'Saving Private Ryan' featuring Tom Hanks, which is directed by Spielberg. It was released in 1998, and I was seven years old then. After watching the movie, I was extremely excited and was literally lost in the movie world for the next few days.

It was my interest in acting that I participated in many plays and drama held in school. I even received a certificate for playing a role of the great Alexander, in one play. Even my parents love seeing me act in a drama or play. Soon, I will be completing my gradation. My parents will accept any career decision I may make.

Now, I will need your advice on the following:

  1. Do you think I should pursue an acting career considering the ups and downs actors go in their career?

  2. Which acting school or institute I should join to learn good dialogue delivery, facial expressions, fighting and dancing skills?

  3. Do you think I should join any theatre group to receive live public review about my acting skills, or start from the television industry?

Your advice for me is valuable. Please let me know about your convenient time. It will be my honor to come down and seek your advice about my acting career. I know you have good contacts with few celebrities, and I am confident that you are the right person I have turned to.

I request you to call me and give your appointment at your convenience. Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

Yours sincerely,
Miguel A. Anderson

There will be many circumstances in your life when you need advice for personal and professional reasons. The given tips and this sample of an advice seeking cover letter will help you to provide appropriate information and ask questions based on it.

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