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Sample Letter of Recommendation [Negative]

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During the recruitment process, the recruiting company may ask the candidate to send a recommendation letter from their previous employer. Employers need to make sure that they draft a recommendation letter that provides factual information about their past employee. Before, drafting the letter the employer should go through the personnel file of the employee kept with the human resource department. If the employee had an attitude problem to accept feedback for their work or were irregular, then you can mention these details in the negative recommendation letter. You should take care that you do not provide false data about your previous employee, as legal action can be taken against you. Include only those details for which you have written documentation.

Letter of Recommendation-Negative

Ferdinand Johnson,
HR Manager,
Influx Accounts Inc.,
209 Wilkinson Street,
Brentwood, TN 37027.

Date: May 9, 2004.

Mr. Terry Rooney,
HR Manager,
Persistent Financial Services,
2438 Coffman Alley,
Brentwood, TN 37027

Dear Mr. Rooney

      I am writing this letter to inform you that Richard Smith was working as an account assistant with Influx Accounts Inc. from September 01, 2003 to February 29, 2004. His responsibilities included journal and ledger entries, and implementing them on MS Excel sheets, and generating reports. During his tenure with our company he did not prove to be an ideal employee. an ideal employee.

      Although, much of the work Richard completed was average and satisfactory, but most of his assignments were finished after stated deadlines. Many of his entries in the account books contained multiple errors. When the management offered him constructive criticism, he showed little interest for improvement. He demonstrated an overall negligence and resistance to any sort of critique of his work. Richard's negligent attitude at workplace appeared to be his major limitation.

      Richard may have the potential to become an excellent accountant, but, his abhorrence to accept criticism prevents him from it. I would hesitate to recommend Richard for any job where he might be required to accept commentary on his performance or be expected to show improvement in his work. He does have the ability to complete basic accounting projects.


Ferdinand Johnson,
HR Manager,
Influx Accounts Inc.

Sample Cover Letter of Recommendation-Negative

John Welch,
Operations Manager,
RTC Customer Service Inc.,
3143 Ryder Avenue,
Bothell, WA 98011,

Date: June 12, 2005.

Mr. Angelo Bartholomew,
HR Head,
National Financial Firm,
1539 Conifer Drive,
Tukwila, WA 98188.

Dear Mr. Bartholomew,

This is to inform you that Angela Simpson has worked with RTC Customer Service Inc. from December 15, 2004 to May 29, 2005 as a customer service agent. During her tenure at the organization she had good ethic behavior and was regular at work. As she was working in the customer service department and was responsible for solving customer queries over the phone. Even after rigorous training provided to her she lagged basic telephone etiquettes required to deal with customer over the phone. Even after providing several warning and training there was no improvement observed. Hence, she was asked to leave the job.

I would not recommend her for a customer service job as she does not have basic customer service etiquettes. I would like to add that she would serve as a better option for clerical jobs. She is a punctual employee and completes the task assigned to her within stipulated time.

Thank you for your consideration and time.


John Welch,
Operations Manager,
RTC Customer Service Inc.

The negative recommendation letters provided above can be used for reference. You can edit, modify and use these samples as per your preference. Keep a copy of this letter with you. Use normal professional letter formatting.


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