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Sample Follow Up After Telephone Call

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Follow up after telephone call is a very useful etiquette that enables good relationship between the recruiter and the job seeker. A telephone call is usually made to get to know some detailed information from the job seeker. A telephone call can help the recruiter connect with the job seeker, whereas for the job seeker to connect with the recruiter, you have to write a letter. A letter can create a personal connection that is storable.

Some important points to remember when writing a letter:

  • Has to be precise and to the point.

  • Has to convey the aim of writing the letter in the first paragraph.

  • Should enable the recruiter attain your contacts easily.

  • Should have a summary of your credentials.

  • The letter should engage the recruiter and help them get an idea as to how the job seeker is suitable for the job.

Every cover letter is written professionally and every recruiter looks for a specific credential and a highlighting experience when reading the cover letter. Therefore, try to write the highlights of your resume in your cover letter.

You can use the cover letter to write about a special situation that you will not be able to include in your resume. For example, when you had to take a break of 2 years, you can explain the reason in your cover letter, which you cannot in your resume.

This sort of a detailed explanation can help you get in touch with the recruiter and help yourself.

Follow Up After Telephone Call

Amy Gregorio,
567, 34th Street,
Timo Building,
Merry, MA 788989-78678.
(123)-785 7897,

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Barry Bordan,
78, Dili street,
Merry, MA 8788-788998.

Dear Mr. Bordan,

On the basis of our telephone call, I have attached all the necessary details with this mail. I have worked in Impressive accounts Inc. for the past 4 years and have worked in all the areas of their accounting department.

I have a graduation in Accounts from University of Cuba and Masters in Business accounts from University of Ohio. I have completed a crash course in Banking Accounts and wish to pursue a career in banking.

I worked in Copodalo Accounts Inc. for 4 years. I worked in the regional accounts Department in their Washington branch. MA is my home city and I wish to make my life here, owing to which I am between jobs.

It was nice talking to you.


Amy Gregorio,
Accounts Manager,
Regional Accounts Inc.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Certificate of appreciation, Copodalo Accounts Inc. – appletter.doc

Sample Follow Up After Telephone Call

Terry Bolona,
67, Park street,
Topo Building,
Aster, TX 698-7688.
(789)-887 677889
Email id:

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Ben Hopkins,
78, Poda Street,
Aster, TX 7887-7988.

Dear Mr. Hopkins,

I have worked as an accountant in Relegate Inc. for 4 years. I have expertise in Tally and Accountant Spider. As per our telephone conversation, I have sent all the specified files with this mail.

I have completed my graduation in Accounts and Administration from University of Boston. I finished my internship from Imperative Accountants Inc.

My job profile in Relegate Inc. involved taking care of accounts in their LA branch and coordinate with the auditor to keep the accounts intact. The account sin relegate Inc. also had to be computerized, as until 1998, their accounts are in registers. I was given the job of transfer of hard copy to soft copy.

I look forward to work with Timmons as it is one of a major player in Wall street.

Thank you,

Terry Bolona


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