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In this section you will find sample student cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on student jobs.

Student Cover Letter

A college or high school student does not have much work experience when they are applying for job. Hence, to grab the employer's attention, you need to highlight your academic achievements, participation in extra-curricular activities, internship details, project details and work experience (if any). Draft the cover letter using professional font and font style. You may be applying for job as a restaurant waitress or marketing executive in an advertising firm; you need to send a well-written professional cover letter. Before you start writing the student cover letters, collect all the information you need to mention in the cover letter. This will ease the cover letter writing process.

Steps to write student cover letters are as follows:

  1. Start the cover letter by writing your name, address, city, state, contact number and email address. Mention a professional email address in the cover letter. A professional cover letter should contain your first and last name. For Example: david.smith @ Never mention an unprofessional email address such as dav4u @ or davrockstar @ Below the returning address details, mention the current date. Write the employer's name, title, company address, contact number and email-id below the date.

  2. Use professional salutation to wish the employer. For Example: Dear Mr. Scott. Do not write a generic statement like Dear Sir/Madam or to whom so ever it may concern. The cover letter should be addressed to the appropriate person. If you don't know the name of the person you need to send this letter to, then research and get this information. You can call on the company number or find this information on the company's website.

  3. The cover letter is divided into three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. The introductory paragraph must place emphasis on the post you are applying for, your achievements, skills and education that make you suitable for the job and the reason why you would like to work with the company. Before drafting your cover letter, research about the job profile and the qualities that the company is looking for in their employees.

  4. The body of the cover letter should highlight the skills that are required for the job. Mention your achievements in academic and extra-curricular activities. Most college students don't have major work experience. Hence, you can highlight your internship experience in the cover letter. For example: if you are applying for job in the marketing field, you can highlight your internship details related to sales or marketing. If you don't have relevant internship experience, then you can mention the professionalism and work etiquettes that you learned during your internship tenure. You can even mention part time job details if it is relevant to the job you are applying for. You can mention your part time jobs, if you are applying for teaching job. For teaching job, you can even mention if you have participated in any community work. It is important to mention community work as it is considered by most recruiters when they are selecting entry-level candidates for any job.

  5. Mention your thanks and regards when you are concluding your cover letter. Thank the employer for considering you for the job opening and going through your cover letter. End the cover letter using proper letter writing etiquettes. You can write 'Sincerely', then leave some space and write your full name. Sign the cover letter. If you are enclosing any document along with the cove letter, then mention it in the cover letter.

There are several student cover letters on this site that can be used for reference. The damage control cover letter can be sent to clear misunderstandings that happened during your interview. The student resume cover letter can be sent to apply for any job opening. The internship cover letter can be sent to apply for internship. Thank you cover letter is sent to thank the interviewer for providing an opportunity to attend the interview and to indirectly keep in touch with the employer.

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