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In this section you will find sample pilot cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on pilot jobs.

Pilot Cover LetterYou will face tough competition, when you are applying for a job in aviation field. Hence, it is essential to send a well–written cover letter and resume. A cover letter accompanies your resume and provides a quick review about the job profile you are applying for, your work experience and skills. The employer is able to judge whether you are the right candidate. A cover letter creates your first impression on the recruiter. Hence put in extra efforts when you are drafting your cover letter. Jolt down a point you wish to include in the pilot cover letters before you start writing them.

Steps to write pilot cover letters are as follows:

Contact details: The cover letter should begin with your name and postal address. You can even mention these details in the header. Use the same header format as that of your resume so that your resume and cover letter appears uniform. Below you contact details, mention the present day's date. Mention the contact details of the recruiter. If you don't know the HR's name, then find out these details by going though the website of the airlines company or giving a call on the contact number on their site. Avoid mentioning 'to whom so ever it may concern' in your cover letter. Mention the recruiters name, title and address of the airline company.

Salutation: Use proper salutation to wish the recruiter. The most common and appropriate salutation used is Dear [First name] [Last Name]. Avoid writing casual salutations such as hi or hello.

Introduction paragraph: The introductory paragraph of the letter should be crisp and short. Limit the first paragraph to 2–3 sentences. The recruiter should understand that you are applying for pilot job. Mention whether you are applying for helicopter pilot or airline pilot job. The recruiter should know the job profile you are applying for so that the resume gets directed to the appropriate department and you get interview call for the appropriate post and there is no confusion. Mention your experience, skill or achievement in first paragraph so that the recruiter knows that you are the right candidate and reads further.

Body paragraph: Let the recruiter know how you can be an asset to the company. Mention your skills, achievements and training you have undergone, which makes you an excellent pilot. Provide the details of various incidents where you have handled take off and landing in difficult climatic conditions. Use bullet point to mention your achievements and highlights of your career. You can even mention any specialized training you completed in this list. Garb the recruiter's attention by highlighting data that they are looking for in your cover letter. Do not copy–paste the skills section from the resume. The recruiter may feel that your resume is a copy of your cover letter. They may avoid reading your resume.

Concluding paragraph: Thank the recruiter for their time. Thank them for considering you for that particular job opening. Mention your desire to meet them in personl for a face to face interview. You can write that you are waiting for their reply.

Closing: Conclude you letter as follows:


[First Name][Last name]

Use formal words such as sincerely to end the letter. Avoid using informal closing words. Mention your name below 'sincerely'. Leave some space between your name and the greeting so that you sign.

Proof read your cover letter before sending it to the employer. Get rid of spelling or error mistakes if any. Ask your friends or family members to read your cover letter and find out mistakes, if any, and suggest corrections.

This site contains various pilot cover letters for your reference. You can use the format, or copy them or edit and use them according to your preference. Make sure you use professional font size and font style so that your resume appears formal. Print the cover letter and resume on similar quality paper and send them in an envelope that has company address printed on it or you can email it.

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