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In this section you will find sample networking cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on networking jobs.

Networking Cover LetterToday networking has been an important means of career building. You meet several people at various professional meetings or conferences. During such professional meeting if you have met any person who has suggested you a job opening or career idea, then you can contact them by sending networking cover letters. These cover letters are not just restricted to job opening, you can even send one to keep in touch for future career guidance or business endeavors. Before you start drafting your networking cover letter determine the goal of your letter, whether you want to attend an interview or go for a formal meeting for future business or stay in touch for future career guidance.

Steps to write networking cover letters:

  • Collect information about the recipient before sending the letter. Find out details about their position, company, education background and employment details. Decide why you want to contact this person. Do you want to apply for a job in their company because you liked the future prospects they explained you.

  • Start the letter by providing information regarding the person you spoke with and your objective of writing this letter.

    I had recently met Mr. Peter Wilson at the annual global conference. He had suggested me to apply for the sales manager position in you organization, as I have 7 years of regional sales management experience in the telecom industry. I am applying for this job as I feel that it is the correct career move for me and I am impressed by organization's client management programs, financial plans, strategies and work culture. I have enclosed my resume along with this cover letter.

  • Professionals who are currently not applying for a job but sending cover letter for future job openings or business need to mention the details about their goal for sending this letter. What do they expect from the recipient, whether they want to meet the recipient in person or will talk over the phone and the detail of future business they expect?

    We had met at the IT and ITES development strategy meeting at New York last month. Hope you remember me; we had a discussion about new avenues in the ITES and were discussing new strategies that would benefit our business. I could no speak to for long because of the tight meeting schedule. I am sending my business card and my companies details along with this cover letter. I would like to meet you to discuss future business ideas.

  • Students or young professionals sending networking cover letters for career guidance need to mention their complete education details, strengthens, weaknesses and future goals. Your cover letter provides the recipient information such as where you had met them or who suggest you their name, your education back ground, work experience and what suggestion you want from them. Your request should look genuine and not generic.

  • Start the letter by mentioning your permanent address and date. The recipient's details should be mentioned below your details. Mention the recipient's name, designation and organizations address. Divide the cover letter into maximum 3–4 paragraphs. End the letter by thanking the recipient for their time. Mention you desire to receive a call from them or an appointment to meet them or a face to face interview call.

End the cover letter as follows:


[Your Signature]

[Your first and last name]

Enclosure: [List the name of documents you have attached with your cover letter such as resume or business card or company details]

The networking cover letters must include the reason why you are writing this letter, reference of the person you spoke to and the future expectation you have from the recipient. Those sending these letters for career guidance need to place emphasis on their education detail and future plans. Those applying for job need to place emphasis on their work experience and key skills.

Sample Networking Cover Letter for Networking Jobs

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