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In this section you will find sample internship cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on internship jobs.

Internship Cover LetterMost college courses include summer or six month internship as a part of their academic program. Internship is the stepping stone for your career. If you get internship opportunity with the best company in the field you desire, then this experience will help you start your career. Most students are unaware about the professional environment at work and end up sending generic cover letter that leads to rejection. When you are applying for any internship job, you need to send a cover letter along with your internship resume. An internship cover letter gives the recruiter a brief idea about the job profile you are interested in, your skills, personality and work experience.

Tips to write internship cover letters are as follows:

  • Most college students don't have much relevant work experience. Hence they need to highlight their academic achievements, skills gained through participation in college and inter-college competitions, and experience gained through odd part-time jobs.

  • The introductory paragraph of a cover letter must include the name of the job profile you are interested in. For example: I would like to work in the marketing division of your company as a sales intern. Avoid sending a generic cover letter that would mislead the recruiter.

  • Research about the company you are applying for. The recruiter should know why you want to work for their company. Research on the internet, go through the company's website and find out the various internship avenues available. Mention details such as I would like to work as intern trainee in your organization that has a turnover of 3.5 million. It is one of the best marketing firms in North Carolina and has provided various amazing marketing ideas for their clients.

  • Divide the resume into 3 to 4 paragraphs. The body paragraph should include the details of your academic achievements, skill and details of work experience. Provide a summary of your skills that would be essential for the internship you are applying for. For example: Those applying for sales job can mention their participation in inter college competitions where they had to sell products. Mention the professional work environment etiquettes that you learned when you worked as waitress during high school summer vacation.

  • Mention any high grades that you have achieved in the cover letter. Since a college student does not have much professional experience, they can mask it with their academic achievements. If you have a good GPA rating, mention it in your resume. If you have cleared special certification, then mention it in your cover letter. You can use bullet points to list your achievements, interpersonal skills and work experience.

  • When you are concluding your cover letter, thank the employer for their time. Mention that you would eagerly await their reply and would like to attend an interview. Thank them for going through your cover letter and considering you for the particular internship job.

  • Use proper salutations when you are closing the letter. Mention your first and last name. Sign in the space above your name. Mention the names of the document that you have enclosed with the cover letter.

  • The contact details must be provided at the top of the cover letter. Your contact details must be followed by today's date. Write the employers name and contact details below the date. You can copy–paste the header from the resume so that you have similar formatting for resume and cover letter. Highlight important points using bullet points.

There are various internship cover letters on the bestcoverletters site that you can use for reference. You can use them as guideline when you are drafting your cover letter. You can edit the samples provided according to your preference. The internship cover letter should place emphasis on your academic achievements, extra-curricular achievements and work experience (if any). Proof read the cover letter so that it is error free without any spelling and grammar mistakes. Enclose a internship resume along with the cover letter when you are applying for a job.

Internship Cover Letter for Internship Jobs

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