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In this section you will find sample graphic designer cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on graphic designer jobs.

Graphic-Designer Cover LetterTo apply for a job you need to send a cover letter along with your resume. A cover letter is send so that the employer knows which job opening you are applying for, why you want to work for the particular company, and what skills you possess. It is essential that you take efforts and time to write a cover letter as it creates your first impression on the recruiter. Graphic designer cover letters include details such as your qualification, proficiency in using various designing tools and work experience details.

Steps to write graphic designer cover letters are as follows:

Start your cover letter by mentioning your address, phone number and date. Below your contact details, mention the employer's details such as name, designation and organizations address. Use proper salutation to wish the employer such as Dear Mr. Gregory Smith. Right indent your contact details and date. Left indent the employer's details.

Young graphic designing graduates applying for job need to highlight their educational achievements, designing projects and internship program. Provide details of the skills you gained through the internship program and designing projects. For example: I am applying for the post of graphic designer. I completed my B. A. in Fine Arts (specialization Graphic Design), results expected in the month of May. I have gained expertise in graphic product and advertisement designing though my internship at XYZ Company. Candidates with work experience need to mention their expertise in using various designing tools.

The second paragraph should contain detailed explanation of your college project. Mention your project details along with the name of the organization you created the project for. If that organization is still using your project, then mention it in your cover letter. You can send a hard copy of your designs along with your cover letter and resume. Those who have internship experience can highlight the professional and practical skills they have gained. Example: Designed logos and promotional material for PQR organization. Our team used tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXpress. These designs were approved by the higher management and were used in various projects.

Candidates who have experience in working as freelance graphic designer and are applying for a full time graphic designing job need to place emphasis on their important designing projects. If you have experience of working with high profile clients, then make a point to mention it in your cover letter. As it indicates that you can work in a professional work environment. You can list down the various project you have done till date and brief about them. Describe the software tools you use and your proficiency to use them. Those who desire to learn a new tool or technique after joining the company must mention in their cover letter that they are open to undergo training.

The last paragraph must include regards for the employer and your desire to attend an interview in near future. You can thank the employer for considering you for the particular job. End the letter as follows:



[Full Name]

You can use the graphic designer cover letters for your guidance when you draft your cover letter. The letter of inquiry can be used to enquire about any openings for graphic designer job in the particular organization. The pre-interview cover letter for graphic designer can be for reference when you draft your cover letter for an interview. You can edit, modify, add details and use these cover letters as per your requirement. It is essential to draft a new cover letter every time you apply for a job. Never send a generalized cover letter. Research on the job profile you are applying for then draft a cover letter.

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