Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Tips

Tips to Make Your Letter More Professional

Cover letters plays an important role in marketing your resume. These documents are essentials while applying for any job and the entire interview process. With the right tips and techniques used one might get an edge over the others to grab that dream job. They have proved one of the most effective tools while applying for any job because it summarizes the candidate's credentials and highlights their skills.

Utmost care needs to be taken before drafting a cover document as it works as a ticket to get shortlisted for the next round, in the entire interview process. Here are a few tips for an impressive and effective business communication that accompany your resume:

  • They should be precise, brief and simple. It should be not more than 3-4 paragraphs long. A lot of information tends to waste the writers as well as the readers time.

  • A thorough research of the company you are writing to; and the requirements, qualifications and skills needed for the job should be carefully studied. They should be tailored as per the employer's requirements.

  • It should be conversational. Readers should feel that you share a rapport even if you haven't met.

  • Applicants should highlight the related skills, qualifications and experience in the area they are applying for a job. This would prove the candidates worth and how the organization would benefit from it.

  • It needs to be drafted in a professional manner. The format and style of the document should as per industry standards. Apart from this, they also need to be error free. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and incorrect punctuations, should be avoided as it fails to create a good impression of the writer.

  • As far as possible, make the mail personalized. It should be addressed to the person who is responsible for hiring. Research in this area is very important because personalized covering document makes the candidate stand out of the crowd.

  • Draft a separate letter for every job you are applying. This would create a very good impression so always make sure that they are customized as per the job requirements and the skills that match the profile.

  • The letter should summarize giving reason why the candidate is a strong candidate for the job.

  • Review from a career specialist can be considered if candidates are not very certain of the effectiveness of the information.

  • Templates and samples that are readily available on the internet can be checked before drafting them.

  • They should be sent as per the employer's instructions. For Example, it could be attached to your email in word format as advised by the employer.

  • If you have a reference or connection, always use them. Employers are more comfortable hiring candidates who are referred by someone than hiring a complete stranger.

  • Provide clear and accurate details in your mail even if they mean sharing your personal information such as address and contact numbers. This makes it easier for the employers to contact you easily.

  • Accurate address information and the name of the last company you worked with would help the employer to make a background check before they hire you. Most companies have very stringent hiring policies.

  • Reference names and contact numbers of previous employers or colleagues also prove very useful when added to the communication.

  • It should be closed with pleasantries and compliments for the employer. It should not hide the candidate's excitement of being on board with the company they are applying for.
  • Use good quality paper that matches your resume paper and envelopes.

Covering material prove very effective in the hiring process. It is a great accompaniment for your resume and utmost care needs to be taken before drafting such letters.

And at last the main thing:

What should the cover letter do for you?

It should answer followings question - Why should I hire you? It should grab the employers attention and point out why you, above all other applicants, should be contacted for a personal interview. If you are answering this correctly in your cover letter, you will get interview call next day. Checkout how to write a cover letter for more information on writing a cover letter.

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